Ardipithecus… Ramidus?

After the release of the commercial failure Fireball, the Whip My Hair-star seemed to have disappeared from the music scene, other than the few releases on her soundcloud here and there.

Then she dropped Ardipithecus.


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My Beautiful Dark Twisted Life of Heartbreak

As I sit with my laptop on and sipping my rice green tea, I was thinking about what to write next. Chinese music? Russian? But there were too many #RMOTD, plus I don’t feel like writing about Chinese artists atm. But I’ve thought – why not just English? Just because it’s universal doesn’t make it any less special – also, this particular artist has been right in front of me all the time – yet he’s still considered “obscure” in my area.

A polarizing figure to all, I’ve decided to settle on Kanye West.


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