I love sports first and foremost but they’re only fun to do, not to watch at so let’s just talk about music yeah?

How Did This Blog Came To Be?

As a polyglot, being able to speak fluent English, Cantonese and Bisaya, while growing up in the Pearl of the Orient Seas and being surrounded with Tagalog on 99% of the tv shows, I had no problem understanding Tagalog, while I could also get away with slurring the sounds of Cantonese when speaking Mandarin.

As I’ve grew up, I became more open to new music genres, had more “tolerance” to “mainstream” music and even touched some of the more extreme genres – it went from classical, opera, folk, to hiphop and rap, then to pop, heavy metal and noise rock.

On one hand, I was “used” to the sounds of the Philippines language and the “ups” and “downs” tones of the Chinese language, on the other hand, my music taste expanded as time went on.

My familiarity of the two completely different languages and the extremities of some of the music genres I’ve listened to made me acquire a new “taste” and tolerance of music completely out of my understanding and was what inspired me to make this blog.

This blog will be dedicated in sharing music and artists from all over the world – as of now, I’ve at least “collected” 14 different languages – ranging from Russian, Thai, Vietnamese, Finnish, Arabic, French, Korean, Chinese, Filipino and many many more… 🙂

I’m a gamer who also plays a wide range of games from Fish Tycoon to Cake Mania, The Way to Raciela and the occasional League of Legends.


Contact me:


Give me a shoutout if you want to play with me on LoL, I play on the NA server.


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