Natural Beauty

This is so cool! I need to find a way to do this somehow…!


©Marcel Dunger

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Israel Says Hello :)

Yes, there are bound to be some catchy music from all over the world if you look hard enough! So, Ms Applesauce shares to you catchy songs from Balkan Beat Box, Infected Mushroom and Borgore!

Infected Mushrooms – Now Is Gold

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The Eroticism of Placelessness

A good read

Cody Delistraty

On the way loneliness, freedom, and romance are intertwined.

For the past few weeks, I’ve woken up unsure exactly where I am. My bed, a modest full size, looks out onto a cobblestone courtyard framed by green linden trees and an intricately decorated castle. I’m in a pocket-sized one-bedroom apartment and although it is behind the Place des Vosges in Paris, by the looks of it I could be in Normandy or Toulouse, even Vermont. For that matter, there is no real way for me to know the year is 2014: save for the circle-pronged electrical outlet tucked behind my dresser, I could be waking up in the eighteenth century. In the haze of the early morning, these things tend to meld together.

The feeling of placelessness is a bit like a dream: the heightened romance, the intense brooding, the inherently transitory nature of the whole affair. Placelessness happens…

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