The Most Beautiful Music in the World

Whether lyrically or just the melody itself, they are akin to the Greek Gods’ nectar to our ears, and here is my top 10 list with no particular order. Enjoy.


(Photo taken during my trip to the skiing resort in Japan, magical, isn’t it? 😛 )

10. Dae Jang Geum OST – Hamangyeon

Possibly the most romantic song in the whole series, if Jang Geum and the scholar’s pure love doesn’t hit you in the feels, this song surely will.

9. Chiu Mo – The More You Go, The Further You Went

8. Chrono Cross OST – Dream of the Shore Near Another World

7. Chrono Cross OST – Dream Fragments

The”vulnerability” the song is emitting is what makes this special. Ironically, this was sent to me by someone who had complete opposite tastes as mine.

6. Tsubasa Chronicles – You’re My Love

5. Hana Yori Dango – Blue Mind

4. Secret – Lu Xiao Yu (Rain)

3. Stairway to Heaven – Ave Maria

Does anyone still remember this drama that pushed the K-wave?

2. Phoenix Wright Trials & Tribulations – Hazy Scene/Bridge

1. Epic Soul Factory – Love

Notable Mention:

Penny Tai – The Love You Want

Wow I can’t believe I’ve almost forgotten this song. I used to jam this a lot during the F4 days. Good times, good times.


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