Our very first Latvian band… Brainstorm!

Sveiki! 😀 That’s “hello” in Latvian for you btw. 😉 And AHHHH I CAN’T BELIEVE I’M WRITING ABOUT BRAINSTORM IT’S TOO SOON, TOO SOON!!! 😭😭😭


So we have Thai, Japanese, Cantonese, Russian, French, Finnish… Jeez, counting them, this will be the new 14th country’s music that I have ever written! I might just get writer’s block after revealing my ace in the hole! *collapses on the ground*

Ok, now that I’m done being dramatic, let’s move on. 😒😒😒

Brainstorm, aka Prāta Vētra, was a Latvian band that became internationally popular after they placed 3rd in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2000. Renārs Kaupers, their lead singer, also looks a hell lot like that hot guy from Inception Cillian Murphy.

Renārs Kaupers


Cillian Murphy


Huh? Whattaya mean I’m focusing on the wrong point?

Anyhow, all the members in the band were formerly classmates with Jānis JubaltsKaspars Roga, Māris Mihelsons, Gundars Mauševics. However, “Mumiņš”, as they call Gundars, was involved in a car accident in 2004 and passed away. Despite the loss, the band members continued working together.

The band also held concerts in Western Europe and continue to grow in popularity in the UK due to their similarity to Beirut. Their tour in Latvia also gathered 89,500 people in 7 dates (Latvia’s population is 2 million).

My favourite song:

Brainstorm – Maybe

The stares from the girl, and the music video, actually, is kinda creepy btw. >_>

The first song the same Russian friend from before sent me. Also said song I told my other friend about that Kaupers looked a lot like him, but hotter. Said friend then fired me with a “no my superior jawline is more superior” lol. 😂 Also if you can’t tell, Kaupers is fluent in English and Russian too (he has a degree in journalism btw). I love recording myself singing along this song because it’s so easy to sing along to haha. 😛

My favourite Latvian song:

Prāta Vētra – Četri Krasti

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! 😀

Prāta Vētra – Visskumjākā parāde uz mūsu ielas

Somehow the piano reminds me of an old Filipino rock/folk song?? But I can’t quite put my finger on it!

Fake edit** Ahh I knew it! It reminded me of this! (Not Filipino but I was right that it was old!)

My favourite Russian song:

Prāta Vētra – Na Zare

God his voice is just heavenly. 😊😊😊

And there you have it guys! Have a good day! ✌️


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