It’s finally happened guys… there’s Vietnamese songs!!

Ha! Bet you didn’t expect that huh?? Well, me neither. But fate seemed to blessed me with one of the country’s music. 🙂


A few days ago, after half-assedly paying attention to this cute cat video, the song played in the middle caught my attention. Of course, the language sung, being obviously not Chinese, and the video, obviously, taken from somewhere else, proved no results in trying to dig the name in the comments (everyone’s basically asking the same thing lol).

I just knew it sounded either Thai or Vietnamese and after an hour of searching from the huge heap of videos from the page, plus a painful back-and-forth of Google translate to boot with, I finally found the song below! 😀

Tiên Tiên – Vì Tôi Còn Sống

Except for her fb page and soundcloud, I have no idea anything about her. The studio version of the song can be heard here, but personally, the acoustic version sounds much better. Not to say the studio version is awful – the start does give off a vibe of “yearning” and “hope”, though the awful mix of the “club-like” sound in the middle sorts of ruined it. The autotune also ruined her natural gentle voice, which could be heard clearly in the acoustic one.

Next up, we have Bảo Thy doing a cover on one of Jinny Ng’s songs.

Bảo Thy – Càng Khó Càng Yêu

This song I’ve actually knew a long time ago when my Liberal Studies teacher shared it on his fb page, then proceeded to say “Huh, so even Jinny’s song got affected by globalization…” which was hilarious, because,

1)He’s obviously being sarcastic. Jinny Ng got famous because of that song, and, it being overplayed didn’t make a lot of people happy. It became what we Hong Konger call a “brainwash song”. Some people, who initially did not like her, started even to like her less when she sang the song horribly live (and some speculations of how her “background” made her into the industry.)

2)He was teaching us globalization at that time. Talk about killing two birds with one stone with an inside joke HAHAHA. 😀

I did not like this song of Jinny’s and it was the only Vietnamese song I knew of at that time so I didn’t want to make a blog with such little content. However, I do like this pop one below from Bao Thy’s.

Bảo Thy – I’m Sorry Babe

A fun song to listen to with a catchy chorus. 🙂

That’s all for Vietnamese songs for now!

A quick tangent – I’ll most probably talk about Jinny Ng in the near future, as I do have several songs from her that I really, really like, so stay tuned!


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