Meet Philippines’ Top Fashionista – Vice Ganda

As I’ve explained from my previous blog, work has been keeping me busy from discovering new music. And even with my free time, I just haven’t heard anything that piqued my interest at all!

After clicking the Filipino Vines video without giving much thought, a cover of Vice Ganda’s song caught my attention – and it was the best thing that happened to me. 🙂


Here is said music video:

Some background regarding the video:

“Pabebe” is a term that’s been circulating a lot on the Filipino social media, and from what I could tell, it basically means someone (usually a young-teenaged person) who is very narcissistic and often takes selfies at every free time they have. They would also incorporate very bad English in their posts as well. “Pa” as a prefix means to-___, so, “pabebe”, would most probably mean someone who tries to act cute – like a baby. The original video that stemmed that slang probably came from here and here.


This scene would make so much sense now, seeing the girl post something as ridiculous as recording themselves eating a fucking mamon. I think this “pabebe girl” phenomenon isn’t that surprising though – as my cousin (who’s 6 years my junior) is one of them. I clearly remember her cringe-worthy post in English on Facebook – “Don’t mess with me you just a hater jealous of my clinic bitch!!!!” – by “clinic”, what she meant was actually clique. Yeah, her English was that. bad.

Other than that, Vice Ganda pokes fun of those who also stick their tongues out in an attempt to act cute again (funnily enough, my cousin’s guy friend also did something similar, recording themselves making “LOOK AT ME IM SO HOT”-faces and sticking his tongue out!), and also mentioning in the lyrics how thick the make-up they put (my cousin has also learned how to shape her brows as early as 12). Sheesh.

Although I would like to laugh at my cousin’s English grammar as much as I want to, in the end, I understand that it’s just a phase that every teenager goes through! At my time, it’s ringing your neighbour’s doorbells and running away as fast away as you can, at her time, they just got the short end of the stick by having their dumb acts immortalized on the internet…

Okay, now that we’re done with that, let’s talk about the man behind the whole thing.

Jose Marie Borja Viceral, also known as Vice Ganda, is an actor, stand-up comedian and tv presenter, most famously known as the host of the popular noontime variety show It’s Showtime. He is also the first openly gay endorser for a major product in the Philippines, which is no small feat indeed.

Now as I’ve mentioned before, I haven’t been paying attention to the entertainment industry in the Philippines, so I’m gonna just brush aside my thoughts on Vice making several jokes on gang rape. Instead, I will focus on his outfits throughout his career.


This pose, his hip-hop-ish attire, PLUS, his headband is the combination only Vice Ganda can work!

nly he can look so effortlessly classy in this attire!

PhotoGrid_1378996809177 Vice, on the right, totally wore it better, amirite? 😉

tumblr_lmrmmhKICX1qc2ypgo4_1280   Some of the modelling that he did. Beautiful, isn’t it? 🙂


How do you mix-and-match that kinda outfit with sneakers? ^that’s how.

n conclusion, this guy knows how to work his stuffs.

On the other hand, my Filipino guy friend said he looked much, much better without make-up! …a sentiment I might have to agree with, I’m afraid!


Yup… definitely one of those annoying people who look good (or, better yet, better) without make-up.


4 thoughts on “Meet Philippines’ Top Fashionista – Vice Ganda

  1. hi Ms Applesauce! so long since I’ve visited, but you cracked me up sooo much on this! I love your writing and insights. Wow on those mickey mouse sneakers! whoa!

    I think it’s cool you referenced your gang rape dismay btw, because even highlighting it briefly helps the deeper discussion and or contemplation. But how you then just went on ahead with your review was awesome. My best best wishes to you in all you do.

    thanks for sharing the music, as I myself don’t anymore!

    peace to ya, little sista!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Kat! Long time no see yo! Been busy job hunting a couple days ago, it’s been pretty exhausting to be honest! -sigh- 😦

      Anywho enough with the depressing stuffs for now! From what I’ve saw on Vice’s wiki page, it says that he apparently made the joke on a female news reporter, but he also apologized in the end.

      From what I know, he does observational comedy. sarcasm and situational irony. My friend told me that he doesn’t like Vice because he likes “poking fun” of peoples’ “looks'”. I happened to find one video where Vice actually interviewed those 2 “Pabebe Girls” from his music video in one of his shows, and when Vice asked one of them what they’d like to get on their birthday, before the Pabebe Girl could answer, he then said, “Eyebrows, right?” because the girl’s brows were kinda thin haha. Then later on he asks how old the third girl was, he said it as, “So how old are you? She’s 11 -points at first girl-, 12 -points at second girl-, so -points at the third girl- 13?”, then the girl answered, “No I’m 22 years old actually.” LOL! What’s funnier is that Vice replied with “So you really fit in with your friends huh.” haha! Idk though! I actually liked his humor and didn’t find it too offensive.

      He asks the question starting 1:00 here—>


      1. Oh hey good luck job hunting! You’re talented and skilled and motivated so I know you’ll land. Just don’t give up and follow up your interviews with courtesy letters thanking them for their time and reminding them of your interest in them… Most people don’t do that and it tends to stand out. Of course the process could be so very different in the U.S. than in Hong Kong, so sorry if I am presuming!

        I appreciate your extra info on Vice! You always did clue me in. Thanks for expanding my musical knowledge once again. 🙂

        I think no matter how people feel about his humor, offended of not, he is opening a discussion and that can’t be bad.

        He looks like he is playing with stereotypes and gender roles and challenging them and not just making fun of people for the sake of it… So kudos. I laughed too! So, my bad? dunno.

        I will check out the link to the youtube you left soon thanks, Ms Applesauce!

        as always peace and best of luck to you! Keep on rockin’ those tunes!

        I look forward to your posts even if it’s a long time for me checking in or for you posting.



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