Meet Cœur de pirate – French Female Composer!

Béatrice Martin, better known as Cœur de pirate is a Canadian singer-songwriter who sings mostly in French and has been credited for bringing “la chanson française” to a whole new generation of Quebec youth.

Although known in the French music scene for her pop music, little is it known that this petite femme also composed the whole soundtrack for the video game Child of Light.


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Diva Devotee – The Place Where Music Critique Is

Hey guys, for the past few days I’ve been browsing this website and I’m lovin’ it! The site has a wide  range of the “vocal profiles” of the singers (mostly female), listing their vocal type, range, the “good” and the “bad” of each voices.

Other than that, it also critiques songs from the singers as well! They’re pretty fun to read along with the “CopyCat” (sound-alike) section.

Although some people have comment on some of the inaccuracy of the vocal profiles, the website, all in all, is informative without taking itself too seriously.

Now go check it out! 🙂


When one speaks of forming a band…

…and that is literally the name of Circular Dice’s new demo!  I’ve mentioned the band a few months ago so you can check it out over there if you’re not familiar with them yet.

The song’s a cover of Social Distortion’s song (a band I’m not too familiar myself), but I find CD’s version better.

Also, my computer’s finally been fixed after a month or so of procrastination. Sorry!