Russian Music Of The Day – Mumiy Troll

If Chi-Li is one of Russia’s popular pop act, then meet Mumiy Troll – the Russian rock band that influenced the younger generation at the time of their peak.


Mumiy Troll, literally “the mummies’ troll”, is a pun on the series of the Finnish children’s book Moomin Troll. The group is founded by vocalist and songwriter Ilya Lagutenko. The rest of the group consist of Eugene “Sdwig” Zvidionny (bassist), Oleg Pungin (drummer) and (past member) Yuri Tsaler (lead guitar).

As quoted,

“Mumiy Troll became the leader of an entire new musical trend copied now to greater or lesser degree by Russian wannabes and mainstream artists”.

The lead singer is not only responsible for changing the music but also shaping the clothes, hairstyles and behaviour of Russian young people through his androgynous look and playful performance.


The fringe à la Lagutenko, “The Smile”, and the signature “purring” sound – these features of one man were adopted by an entire generation.


The “purring” can be easily heard in this one.

Some trivia:
1) One of their music videos was the first to be broadcasted by MTV Russia.
2) The very same day (31 December 1999) that Mumiy Troll scheduled the release of the single “The Carnival Is Over” Vladimir Putin took over from Boris Yeltsin (the first President of the Russian Federation).
3) Their album Merger and Acquisitions (2005) was called back from the printers on the day of release when distributors realized that the bride and groom on the cover were wearing masks of Putin and Mikhail Khodorkovsky. The band changed them into symbols of hearts and United States dollars respectively.
4) Time Out (London) wrote that they “stole the show” when they represented Russia in the 2001 Eurovision Song Contest, writing that they s”tood out as snakeskin heroes amongst all the taffeta and tuxedos.”

Medveditsa (ft Linda Leen)

I’d have to say the gibberish on the phone at the end was really amusing haha.


Mumiy Troll is apparently well known in China, Japan and Europe… why don’t we make it more? 🙂


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