Parov Stelar – Pioneer of Electroswing

Thanks to a fellow blogger, I have new blogging material now. 🙂 The name may not ring a bell to you, but you sure as heck have heard of Catgroove, popularized by (dancer) Youtuber takeSomeCrime’s viral video:

Marcus Füreder, or better known by his stage name Parov Stelar, is an Austrian DJ whose music incorporates jazz, electro, house and “breakbeat“. He is one of the pioneers of “electroswing” genre.

Here are some of my favourite tracks, and enjoy.

The Princess

I could have sworn I’ve heard this somewhere, hmm…

Wake Up Sister ft Max The Sax

I think I was hooked to this for weeks straight (and DESPERATELY looking for the lyrics too!) (Btw, is this that saxophone guy who keeps on…you know…?)


Booty Swing

The only instance where I wouldn’t mind wearing heels!


Chambermaid Swing

A Night In Torino

I have my acquaintance to thank for for this one.


3 thoughts on “Parov Stelar – Pioneer of Electroswing

    1. Oh hey! I’ve heard of Caravan Palace already and will do a post about them in the future, but I haven’t heard the latter two (I’m quite new to the genre and haven’t invested much of it tbh :p) so thanks for the recommendation! 😀


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