Gaming Music of the Day – The World Ends With You

Everything’s back on track now after a week of Chinese New Year holiday! For our #GMOTD, it’s the popular DS game TWEWY.


Story of the game:

You, as Neku (a teenage boy), wakes up in the middle of Shibuya with no memory of what happened whatsoever. You are supposedly playing “the Game” and is partnered with a girl named Shiki, and only if you can complete your mission within the week you can retrieve your “entry fee” (the thing most valuable to you atm) and you can choose either to be brought back to life or transcend to a higher plane of existence.


The story progresses in 3 weeks with different partners and you slowly recover the reason of your death. For some reason the game has been jabbed at by a lot of the “elitist gamers”, though I personally found the game to be enjoyable (either that or I don’t really hold the story with such high standards.)

One of my favorite things in the game is of course… the gameplay!

So below on the top-left corner, you see 3 “pins”… they are collectible and act as your weapons/equipment. You just follow the movement of each pin with your DS pen to attack! The best thing about the pins though is that even if you’re away from the game, when you come back for a certain amount of time, they level up! Simple and fun action-RPG ^^

On the one above is your “partner” and the fight happens simultaneously… you choose which of the 3 combos you want to input and depending on what cards you have, it’ll attack… but since you can’t POSSIBLY fight using your pen and juggling with pressing the buttons with your left-hand, the above attack is usually on automatic. 🙂


Another favorite feature of the game is the “fashion”:


You can buy different styles of clothes in the game – casual, smart, elegant, gothic, lolita… the list goes on! The clothes actually upgrades certain attributes of your character and the best thing about it is, just like in Shibuya, the “powerfulness” of the clothing depends on what’s hip at that certain time! Yup! So, say, this certain lolita fashion/brand is what’s trending currently… if you happen to wear that exact clothing while in battle, you’ll be stronger! 😀


Dragon Couture’s my favourite btw 😉

Last but not least, what made this game really enjoyable to me was the music. They’re hip (just like the game), plus you NEVER get tired of re-listening to them! The composer of the soundtrack is Takeharu Ishimoto, who composed some of the OSTs in the FF series and Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep. TWEWY, I would go as far to say, has the best soundtrack of all DS games e-ver.

Here’s the theme song:

It’s A Wonderful World

… heck even the game over song is AWESOME!! 😀

Game Over

Emptiness and

By far my favourite song. This played while the game neared its end and I was immediately HOOKED!! Still desperately looking for the lyrics…


The intro is just… ahh! -melts- ❤

Three Minutes Clapping

Fun rap song.

Twister (English)

One of the catchier battle theme song 😀

Twister (Japanese)

Give Me All Your Love

Nice song for clubbing. -wink wink, nudge nudge-

Deja Vu

Owari-Hajimari (English)

I honestly thought the whole soundtrack was in Japanese… OTL (Also, try to look up at the lyrics, they’re quite… amusing :D)

Owari-Hajimari (Japanese)

The One Star

I REALLY thought this was in Japanese!


Someday (English)

Someday (Japanese)


Another nice piece of instrumental.



Fighting For Freedom

Very cool futuristic piece!

Long Dream/Battle Theme



Just what the title says!

Black Market

This song always gets to me when I’m shopping…

That’s it for TWEWY’s soundtrack! I think I may have accidentally shared the whole OST… hmm…


2 thoughts on “Gaming Music of the Day – The World Ends With You

    1. Oh wow thanks! 😀 I’ve been itching to re-play this game SO much but can’t since my sis lost her NDS >:/

      In terms of gameplay, this would be my fave DS game for sure but in terms of storyline, I’d have to say the Ace Attorney series. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


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