King of Asian Pop – Jay Chou

You may or may not heard of him, may or may not seen him, but if you want to know about Chinese pop music, he is someone you should definitely not miss.


Once again… to start off with my favourite song 😀 :


Well… the rap is awesome! W-what? D:

Jay Chou is a Taiwanese musician, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, actor and director. Jack-of-all-trades, yep, except he can’t act shit.

Oh, I’m sorry, but if you’ve seen Secret (which I absolutely adore BTW) and Initial D, he is just like his real-life persona – cool, and sometimes that can lead to be “expressionless”. Though it can be argued the protagonist in Initial D was supposed to be “cool” to begin with, but…

Anyways, enough about that. Jay Chou is also known for his “slurred enunciation” when he… sings… and actually, he DOES get jabbed for that haha. I didn’t know or heard anything about this guy pre-07/08 and when me and my family saw Kung Fu Dunk (a movie he was in) and when his song played, my father just laughed out of nowhere because of how “incomprehensible” what Jay just sang.

His singing, which has been criticized for “mumbling”, can be heard clearly here:


I didn’t know it was THIS bad… but hey! At least I don’t know Mandarin, so, good for me! 😀

Another favourite rap of his:

Pull Apart

Moving on, anyone who’s not that familiar with his works, but at least pay a bit of attention to, can CLEARLY see that as well as being hard-working and a “perfectionist with clear self-direction”, he is also VERY competitive and a “control freak”.

This is actually very easy to spot if you observe “how” he “operates” – his non-stop inflow of albums and songs (he has been releasing albums EVERY YEAR since 2000 – 2008, then a break and resumed in 2010 – 2012, then 2014!), him trying to juggle his music and acting (and by NO means have any plans on putting acting aside).

So his participation in Initial D was to make him have more exposure in Japan… (since Initial D was originally a manga), but him also still working on his music shows his dominating personality on not willing to “let go” among his other Asian music-peers.

Oh, and my favourite song in the movie (NOT BY JAY CHOU!!):

He is very serious in his directing as well, and would go as far as to not let Hong Kong veteran actor Antony Wong see him while he was directing in Secret!

A couple of songs in Secret that I like:

Holy crap this was the first song that I’ve learned to play drums with at school!

路小雨 Lu Xiao Yu

Secret (Fast Version)

Piano Room

Some classic Jay Chou:

Not Good Enough For You 

I can’t get over his mumbling ahaha 😀

The Longest Movie

A Step Back

This song is really moving, and shows his romantic side. 🙂

Rice Field

People sang the shit in this in high school. No kidding.

The Promised Love

WE fucking sang this shit in high school. No kidding!

A Dandelion’s Promise

We REALLY goddamn sang this shit in high school! No kidding!!

Blue and White Porcelain

Where Jay incorporates Western and Eastern-styled music. Also, this song got fucking parodied and replaced with “18+ lyrics” a lot because of his mumbling ahaha!


One of Jay’s softer songs. Sad lyrics. 😦

(Give Me) A Song-length of Time

Good ole’ R&B. So the title can be a bit confusing… like you know how you say “Just give me some time!” when you’re being dramatic with your lover or whatevs? Well, Jay’s asking that but, like, a “song-length” long of a time… does that make sense? 😛

Superman Can’t Fly

Good ole’ mumbling rap! 😀 Also, some witty lyrics:

The lyrics that I sang needs to be “cultured”,
Because anytime it may be used as a teaching material,
CNN can you wait for my English to be better for an interview,
Can the Time Magazine cover be re-shoot?

Black Humour

From his 2000 album, and you can hear his (surprisingly) impressive vocals in the chorus!

Can’t understand, your black humour,
Thought through it, then it’d hit me again,
Break up, you’ve been thinking about it long right?
Don’t want to expose you
Lost to your black humour

Said Goodbye

And to end it with this song…


This whimsical video to end your day. 😛 My classmate (who was a HUGE Kobe fan) actually sent this to me when he told me Kobe actually collabed with Jay for a song!

So after listening to his music, you may be able to tell that it uses the same structure and may “sound the same”… but what separates him from his peers is his individuality, him not limiting himself and have smart marketing moves (YMMV) such as blending Chinese and Western music (you can hear a LOT of it!), but last but not least, he actually knows his shit.

There you have it for your -coughs- a… nice amount of crash course for Jay Chou. Hope you enjoy it and give it a like or comment and follows are most definitely welcome! 😀


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