#RMOTD – Nyusha!

Our Russian musician of the day will be the talented Nyusha. 🙂


My first and favourite song of hers:

Nyusha, real name Anna Vladimirovna Shurochkina, seems to come from a talented family! Her father was in a musical group and her mom was in a rock band in her youth, while her sister was twice European Junior Champion in Synchronised swimming and her brother does Martial Arts Stunts! Talk about badass!

This pop starlet has a lot of top singles in Russia, and after watching the video below, she reminds me a LOT of a mini-Britney!

“Howl At The Moon”

I loved the sound of this, though my Russian friend told me he disliked the lyrics for being like a “high school teenaged girl”.

You can check out her wiki page for more info. Now, enjoy these!

I love the “soft” sound of this. There was a fan-made video of this song using Run Lola Run as the video and I fell in love with it.

The gold glitters is akin to Britney’s in “Toxic” hmm…


I like her occasional “sad” songs 😛

“Don’t Interrupt”

Yep. She is definitely the Russian Britney! 😛



A song that works well just with her vocals and without the overly pop-ish sound.


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