I’m A Shallow Person Who Only Likes Catchy Music!

So a few days ago I’ve got into an argument with a friend because I thought the soundtrack of Samurai Champloo was only “semi-decent”, and when I said I didn’t think it was a “masterpiece” (as “most people” do) because it wasn’t “catchy” to me, he then told me I was “shallow” for basing my criteria on which “should” be a masterpiece or not on it’s “catchy-ness”, and also how that would be like “ignoring” the “efforts” that the artists put.

Well, what really hit him in the face I guess was when I said after I’ve watched a couple of episodes of Cowboy Bebop (I can’t even remember if it was the anime or manga I’ve watched/read) and an episode of Ghost in the Shell and then said I thought it was “boring” (since, you know, I got bored watching those few first episodes yeah?)

There was a lot of heat and I felt because he knew he couldn’t give a good rebuttal to any of my arguments (when I’ve tried to ask him to tell me the best track in Samurai Champloo and/or his favourite, all he could say was “none” since he “likes most of them”, even though I could tell straight away he didn’t know jackshit of the names in the track), and also because he was so desperate in trying to make his point on how SC’s OST should be viewed a “masterpiece” and that I wouldn’t budge, he then called me out for being “dismissive” on those “classics” (animes).

Anyways, for some reason the arguing went on so long even though I’ve already stated shortly afterwards that I’ve ADMIRED what Nujabes tried to do with the hip-hop-samurai thing after I’ve said it was semi-decent… (and also how the opening theme happened to be my favourite track)!!

TL;DR, If being a “shallow” person who likes music (which is about sounds) that sounds good makes me discover and like music such as this. and this. and this. or this, then so be it! 🙂

Here are my OTHER favourite tracks by the same artist who he said I’ve “dismissed” so easily btw:

Who’s Theme

Nujabes + Shing02 – Luv (Sic) Part I

Nujabes + Shing02 – Luv (Sic) Part II

Yes I am, a man full of S.I.N.

Nujabes + Shing02 – Luv (Sic) Part III

Nujabes ft Cise Starr & Akin Yai – Feather

Hoped you liked those works from him, specially handpicked by me. 😎


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