The Musical Journey in VN – Far Beyond the Doki Doki in Warsaw

Hello guys, it’s been a while since I did a VN showcase, and I happened to find some screenshots lying around so here goes!


Far Beyond the Doki Doki in Warsaw is a dating sim game (“BxG, BxB”) [a.k.a. boy pursue girl, or boy pursue boy]. It’s NOT your typical VN in a sense that the game would take hours to play and very plot-centered (in fact, this game has about 0 real “plot” I’d say), but for a first game, the portraits are very well done and most of the visuals are custom made, so that’s pretty impressive.

Instead of making the game story-heavy, the biggest strength in the game lies in the interactions of the characters (even though one “date” lasts approximately 10-15 minutes.) The creators of the game made this for their friend’s bday and used their friend’s character in her story as the main protagonist in FBTDDIW, so keep that in mind as well.

Last but not least, the reason I’ve had “musical journey” in my title is that the “theme song” of each characters were unique and catchy. The creators picked the songs wisely and it made the game much more enjoyable.

I will be posting the songs in the game along with the beautiful screenshots (songs not necessarily matching the characters btw).

***Most of the artists can be found in Jamendo

Adibudi – Special Sounds For Special Girl


Bad Sound of Pop – June


(AHAHA even though the protagonist is a guy doe :D)

Alone in the Chaos – 0000000015


DJ Micromix – The Last Sunset
(Can someone please teach me how to make their embs-something work OTL)


Rémi.DB – Saturation


Tristan Blaskowitz – Piano Theme


(Viiiiirgo~ <3)

Zero-Project – A Forgotten Promise


(Blah one of them still haven’t replied to my PM asking her about this gal’s theme song even though I saw her logged in just after I sent her that PM a few days later :<)

Zero-Project – Lux Aeterna


(I got this guy first and ooooh my godddd he’s soooo HAWT!~)

Zero-Project – Twilight Poem


(Wait till you find out what he does with the flowers when you tell him you’re a he AHAHA)

Bill Basham – The Attraction


(Save the last for the best…!)

The Obeliske – To Be There


(The ponytail <3)

….aaand to end it with this song!

Zero-Project – Moon Waltz

Hoped you liked the music in the game! Likes, comments or follow would be appreciated! 😀

Other links:
(I think you can ask for a commission from them?):

Download the game:


2 thoughts on “The Musical Journey in VN – Far Beyond the Doki Doki in Warsaw

    1. I’m not really sure – have you check all the links from lemmasoft? IIRC they posted a link at their deviantart? If the links over there doesn’t work, I guess you could ask them directly over there or the people at lemmasoft – I can’t help you with the game since it’s on my desktop computer and it’s currently broken atm, sorry.


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