Gaming Music of the Day – The World Ends With You

Everything’s back on track now after a week of Chinese New Year holiday! For our #GMOTD, it’s the popular DS game TWEWY.


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Wowzers already my 50th Post! :o

I can’t believe I’ve already hit my 50th post on my last blog! It sure as hell doesn’t FEEL that way cuz of the insane amount of time that I’ve dedicated to most of my (non-instrumental) blogs!

I’m sure I could never make so much of these without my followers and the wonderful people who take their time to read and comment on what I write, so, as a token of appreciation – a song for you guys!

Jason Chen ft ChaChi – Thank You

You guys rock! 😀


Jason Chen does a lot of covers and has a sizable following on Youtube.

Here is his Youtube channel: