The 3 female singers that I acknowledge

You’ve heard Mariah’s “whistle register”. People are in awe with Queen B. Some people are impressed with Xtina’s powerful “shouting”. Then there’s some who are crazy of Celine Dion and Whitney Houston. Too bad the singers I’ve mentioned above are like grass beside the flowers to me!

I’ve already stated it before, but I deeply believe that while, yes, being able to sing is an impressive feat, it doesn’t really matter if your voice doesn’t sound good. (I know I’ll probably get bashed about what I’m going to say next but it’s what I truly think so here goes…!)

I love some of Adele’s songs. I listen to them and think they’re super catchy, and also because I can relate to the bittersweet lyrics. But I do not, however, think that she has a nice voice. If I’m gonna be blunt, she sounds like a “typical” fat woman. There is no sugarcoating that word, maybe overweight, but it’s not a voice that I think sounds good. It’s kinda similar to Gossip‘s actually. (I know Gossip sounds “higher” but if you pay attention closely you can hear the similarities.)

Now that we have that out of the way, for our first singer:

Sia – Kill and Run

I had the luck to find her music through my search of other songs from The Great Gatsby’s soundtrack (which is amazing btw). Her voice, as well as vocal ability, is phenomenal. It’s not a word that I use lightly btw. I hated David Guetta’s song She Wolf and Titanium (whom Sia sang in both) when I’ve first heard it because the beat is soooo genetic I literally cannot make myself finish the whole thing. After I gave them a second go, I’d go as far and say that Sia’s voice is the only saving grace in both songs.

I’m In Here

I should probably introduce her but… well, she’s an Australian singer and the reason why you rarely see her in her music videos is because she doesn’t like showing herself – simple as that! She and her boyfriend went to travel together before, but she stopped for Thailand before meeting him in London and he got killed in an accident one week prior to their meeting. She said that she and his friends got “shit-faced” on drugs and “Special Brew” after learning of his death.

She has also mentioned that the reason why she only puts her face reluctantly is because she’s heard her manager or someone said that people are more likely to recognize an album cover if there’s a (or any) face on it, but still thinks that her music should be the top priority – not selling her “looks” or “body”… so this’ll where I end regarding her infos.

Anyways, more of her stuffs:

Elastic Heart

Eye of the Needle

For our second singer…

Taylor Momsen. Haha I’m totally serious though. Yeeeah I am aware of her “attention seeking” “antics” but if you try and close your eyes and listen to her voice… her deep and husky voice is mesmerizing, and it’s amazing how she sounds like a 26-yr-old considering she was 17 when this song was out! And the fact that she seems to sing so effortlessly is even more impressive!

Some more of my favourites:

While she’s at liberty to do and wear whatever she wants, her Miley-like “style” detracts her music a bit. I wish she’d have more confidence in herself as I believe she really has the talent to be the next best thing.

For our 3rd singer…

Karen Lee Orzolek, A.K.A. Karen O, from Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I wish I can tell you how I discovered their music but…. LOL -wink wink nudge nudge- Also, is it bad of me to think she reminds me of Marilyn Manson? haha

Anywho, it was this song that first hit me:

(I’ve already shared this song from my previous blog but…)

I was immediately impressed with her vocals, described as “ethereal” and “yelping” at times (which I totally agree)… and also think is a sick combination! 🙂

Another favourite of mine:

(Her “yelping” is even more obvious in this.)

“Acknowledge” may be a weird word to use… or not that “appropriate”… but is more or less how I feel towards these 3 singers.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, likes or comments are welcome as always! 🙂


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