Please Welcome the Taiwanese Band – Mayday

Interested in listening to Taiwanese Hokkien songs but have no luck finding some? Mayday’s raw music will do the trick.

My favorite Taiwanese song from them:

Peter & Mary

Their early music style are categorized by raw music production that tended towards Hokkien garage rock tunes, as you can hear from above.

Another great Taiwanese song from them:

I Love You Hopelessly

I actually have to thank my classmate on discovering this band. Even though they were extremely popular in HK, they totally flew past my radar haha. He sent me this song below (because I was sad), and although the beat isn’t that special, the lyrics touched my heart.


First, some background info for the band:

Wu Yue Tian, literally translated as Mayday, is a Taiwanese alternative rock band formed in 1997 that consists of Ashin (vocalist), Monster (leader), Stone (lead guitars), Masa (bass guitar) and Guan You (drums). They are popular for their student band roots (they were already popular in their college days), and their ability in capturing the zeitgeist of Taiwanese youth in the mid to late 1990s. They’re also often cited as the pioneers of rock music in Taiwan.

The Beatles is also a huge influence of theirs (as they have a song called John Lennon, where they espouse their dreams of becoming the “Beatles of the Chinese World“). Another influences include U2, Oasis, Sting, Taiwanese rocker Wu Bai, China Blue and the Japanese pop rock band Mr. Children.

Although they mainly write Mandarin songs, they have quite an amount of Taiwanese songs from their older days, and Peter & Mary from above and Embrace was what caught the attention of the youth back in the day, and the former song being what made people recognize Mayday.

Embrace (another favourite of mine)

Yesterday’s too close, tomorrow’s too far~

Hermaphroditism/Monoecism (or “Female Male Same Body)

Why is this song not more popular!!! 😡 Also Monster looks soooo hot as a girl hehe ❤

Srsly. Some people may not know this but they’re actually also vocal advocates of gay rights, with some songs having oblique reference to the issue. As if the music video isn’t clear enough, the lyrics below should tell you:

7 pm myself in front of the mirror, pondering to find my own beauty
Lightly shaving the stubble on the corner of my mouth, drawing my natural instincts – a light purple of eyeshadow,
My pink lips murmuring themselves

I can be a boy or girl, floating uncertainly
If you love me, then there will be no problem on everything

You may perhaps hide from me, afraid of me, you may think of me as deformed,
But how can you really confirm, that the soul will find your face and body?
Realizing you’re actually female & male in one body, realizing you’re actually female & male in one body

Another favourite fast-paced “upbeat” song:

Interview with the Vampire

Another First Love

Lol I adored this song soooo much in my high school days, since the lyrics/chorus basically repeat “Am I (feeling) having a first love (again)? It’s impossible I’m (feeling) having a first love (again), but it seems like I’m (feeling) having a first love (again)!” haha. The word they use is “first love”, the phrase basically means “I’m falling in love again”, but since the feeling of first love is more “powerful”/”different”, that’s why they used that word instead of “fall in love”.

Mayday had a lot of awesome songs in their early days, and they’ve leaned a bit more pop nowadays, but that doesn’t mean their newer songs ain’t good!

Forgotten Words

I become so clumsy in front of you, like a singer who’s forgotten his lyrics
I’ve trained and rehearsed for this, but I cannot say it

You, your warmth has touched me, I held it in for so long my insides are hurting too much
In this second I must say it, even if I fail, will not stay silent

You’re Not Truly Happy

You’re standing on my right side, but it feels like the milky way is in between us

This song was very popular in the late 00s and a lot of people were singing this in my school’s singing competition (YES AGAIN!!).

Suddenly Missing You

They’ve also collaborated with Cheer Chen on this song:

Elope to the Moon

and HOLY SHIT that MSN “nudge” sound is soooooo nostalgic ahaha 😀

That’s pretty much it for your crash course on Mayday! Hoped you like some of the songs, like, comments or follows are welcome and feel free to report any broken links you see!


9 thoughts on “Please Welcome the Taiwanese Band – Mayday

  1. Hi Ms Applesauce! I am not blogging anymore but I had a friend ask me about how to do it and in showing her the wordpress blogs I saw that “free” wordpress blogs will not expire. So I thought I should tell you not to worry about that at the end of your year… sorry I told you wrong before! I learned more leaving blogging than when I was beginning it! Oh well.

    I like your post btw. Think I’ll listen to a couple more before I head off… because I miss your tunes!!!!

    Hope you’re doing good! And have a good day! 🙂 kj


    1. Ahh that’s good to hear! I’m in the middle of making a blog as well haha… Just wondering if there were any particular reasons you’ve closed your blog?

      And thanks! Have a nice day too 🙂


      1. Oh hey there! I closed my blog for a lot of reasons. One of them is work. I honestly don’t have the time to keep up a blog right now…

        I have commented on other blogs since I removed mine tho… but that’s like loose ends and/or some sense of responsibility as I take on the american military, their wives, people who slam feminists, bigots, homophobes, and racists etc. because well… I’m political and want them to stop being bozos.

        Anyhow, your music blog is a place of joy for me so I hope you keep it up! 🙂


      2. Sorry for late reply…

        So, yeah I was being snarky. 🙂 “Suckas” was directed towards the followers that were only out to sell something, and weren’t really sincere, and to one follower that had been insulting and yet kept following my blog… he was a “troll”. And there were a few guys who liked to follow my blog and they wrote creepy sexual stuff so I considered them part of the “suckers”… because YIKES!

        Anyhow, most of the people following were just doing their own thing and looking for a follow back… They weren’t really on the “sucka” list but they were part of the reason I didn’t have so much interest in blogging anymore. So many of the followers seemed so random and mostly superficial… or there were a lot of religious people and “counselors” that seemed to follow my blog and I wondered what they wanted… or were gleaning… maybe I seemed like a “sinner”? Oh well… I just can’t care…LOL! 🙂

        The followers I like all know I will be reading and viewing once in a while, so it’s all good. 🙂

        I sure hope you’re doing good and enjoying some groovy tunes! Bye for now Ms Applesauce. You rock. 🙂


      3. OMG I didn’t know there’d be creeps on wordpress!! Yikes!!! At least you won’t be seeing them anymore. And I had an idea of why you said suckas haha, made sense if people follow you but don’t really have any input. 😛

        Part of my followers at least has some kind of link to music (even if some of them are random or don’t really comment..!)

        Hope you have a great day and great finds!


  2. So on the first one, Peter and Mary I liked the vocal arrangement. Nice pacing and handling. And I really wanted to eat that donut the girl had in the video… yum. 🙂

    The second one I love you is such a classic ballad. So, I just can’t help but appreciate that. It’s kind of a tear-jerker if I was in the right mood… dang… But so Good strings on it and I like how the piano goes ever so slightly off key once in a while.

    The nature sounds in the third one were fun to hear… it reminded me of Japan… I so miss Japan. But hey… what am I doing? Back to Taiwan! 🙂 The instruments when the flute thing and bending-metal-saw sounds happened were beautiful. This is very lullaby like.

    Embrace was well filmed. The guy is a cutie.

    I loved the band Mayday. Great pick on that.

    Another first love: was very poppy but good…

    Gosh… after the last video, I’m thinking you can’t beat dolphins flying into the moon! That was kinda sweet.

    I’m sorry I skipped a few and will have to come back for a listen when I don’t have to get ready for work, but thanks for sharing what you do. I would not know these bands without your blog.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I liked the music video of Embrace as well. The girl “flirting” everywhere was oddly captivating! 🙂 And yeah the dolphins were really random ahaha.

      And sure thing! Thanks for your kind words as always 😀


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