Israel Says Hello :)

Yes, there are bound to be some catchy music from all over the world if you look hard enough! So, Ms Applesauce shares to you catchy songs from Balkan Beat Box, Infected Mushroom and Borgore!

Infected Mushrooms – Now Is Gold

Thought it’d be one of those slow songs with impressive shouting female vocals? Ha! 😀 The sweet vocals is an excellent build-up for the whole song, plus the “twist” was just utterly amazing.

Some background info:

Infected Mushroom is an Israeli psychadelic/psytrance/electronica/indie duo from Haifa by producers Erez Eisen and Amit Duvdevani. Though they don’t necessarily produce Israeli songs, they are from Israel. 🙂


Borgore – Flex ft Shay (Figure Remix)

Yup… that Borgore is from Israeli as well (gosh they have some nice DJs huh!) I am actually a bit wary about sharing him because… well… (I’ll explain later LOL). But I do enjoy this remix of his song even and shamelessly at that. 🙂

So, Asaf Yoseph Borger, or better known as his stage name Borgore, is an Israeli EDM producer and DJ. He is self-described as “Gorestep”, and some of his music has been compared to horror moviesfarm animals, and sex. He even collaborated with Miley Cyrus with this song and his close friend and fellow producer, DJ Carnage, even credited him (slightly jokingly) for the change in musical style and attitude of Miley LOL! (I’m surprised Carnage and him are close friends since I knew Carnage from an acquaintance by this song… also, the drop from that song’s weak as hell no offense ahaha)

If you listen closely some parts sounds like the pigs’ “oink”, hence the “farm animals” sound.

So, about the last song. I just want to say that I think of Borgore as like the dubstep version of Lil Wayne (no offense to his fans). His music is kinda comical to me (like in “Flex” there’s this funny random guy shouting “fuck her in the butt” lol), though that’s not necessarily a bad thing!

I don’t think he takes it too seriously and he’s obviously having fun doing what he does so I see no problem with that!

Balkan Beat Box – Hermetico (DJ Or Bilu Remix)

One of the few instances I’m glad of my cousin who always goes to clubs who shared this to me.

Before anyone says it – STFU THIS IS NOT THAT JASON DERULO SONG!! Boy am I glad to know about this song before it got sampled! It always feel so good when you can say “Hey isn’t this that  ___ song?” of a popular-sampled song. 🙂

Honestly I have no problem with sampled songs (hi Kanye) but Talk Dirty wasn’t even remotely better nor on par with the original!

Enough about ranting, moving on… Balkan Beat Box are composed of Tamir Muskat, Ori Kaplan and now Tomer Yosef. They play Mediterranean-influenced music that incorporates Jewish, Eastern European (mainly Balkan) and Middle Eastern traditions., gypsy punk and electronica. Talk about diverse!

As always, comments and likes are welcome, follow my blog if you like what you see. 🙂


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