How I Changed My Impression of Taylor Swift

I’ve been there when she was gonna be the “next best thing” – from “Love Story” to “You Belong With Me“… she was “that girl who currently dominates the chart” that I only paid attention here and there until she released stuffs like “I Knew You Were Trouble” and “22” that I completely stopped being interested in her music.

That was until she released these 2 music videos that I HAD to write about her at some point!


Oh yeeeeah~

First of all, she started to impress me with:

Though her vocals at the start wasn’t that special, the music video gave me a new look on T-Swift. Throughout the whole video, I feel like, even though she still writes about her previous romances (“I go on too many dates, but I can’t make them stay”), she gives an empowering message to her (young) fans and was willing to face the criticisms she’s got with a simple message: “(to) Shake it off” (even if you argue that the “haters gon’ hate” theme is a bit overused in pop music).

I think she’s “matured” “a bit” as opposed to her older music and she’s clearly shown to have a sense of humor with her confident (albeit awful haha) dances and her child-like mimicking. Plus, her look in the video was so cool I had to screenshot them! 😀


very glitter, much cool 😀


Work it! 😀


I absolutely ADORE her looks in this!! Plus her make-up artist did a SPLENDID job and I think the look really, really defines her face more ❤

If the first one was Shake It Off, then the second one would definitely be…

The “lack” of “dancers” in this music video was weird to me at first, and it almost seemed a bit too “empty” compared to her other typical music videos, but her rich facial expressions, and her willingness to act crazy on set even though she’s (unfortunately) been portrayed by the media/”haters” as the “crazy ex girlfriend” was bold to me!

I think she definitely matured (personally and musically) and saw a bit of a dramatic shift in style. It’s a good change though! She manages to smoothly switch it but still remaining classy nonetheless. 🙂

I am really, really looking forward to her new stuffs now and I hope she doesn’t stop impressing me even more!


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