Songs That Gives You The Chills

Have you ever heard a song that’s so personal or messed up that you get goosebumps from them? That’s what happened when I’ve listened to these 3.

1. Eminem – Kim

Talking about messed up musicians, no one can get more messed up nor personal than Eminem. There were a lot of songs that she was mentioned but not one so detailed and dedicated to her like this one does.

He and his ex-wife, Kim, had a very rocky on-and-off relationship. He caught her cheating on him, and there were speculations that he did the same to her. Although I found the beat, especially the chorus, catchy, I found it hard to finish the song (especially when you can clearly hear “she” was suffocating.)

Everything’s so ironic because Kim was sort of a “twisted muse” for Eminem and that if what happened between them never happened, there would be no Eminem!

2. Nirvana – Polly (New Wave version)

I discovered this version first and liked it over the original, much slower, version. At first glance, it may seem like your normal upbeat song, and tbh that’s what I thought of too… until I came back years later, only to find out that the song was based on a true rape story.

Cobain wrote the song after reading a newspaper article about the abduction, torture and rape of a 14-yr-old girl in June 1987. After the girl attended a rock concert, she got picked up in a car from the rapist but managed to earn his trust by convincing him she enjoyed it, and managed to escape when he stopped for gas… the guy had a similar incident before, but he also got paroled just like with the 14-yr-old girl.

This reminded me awfully of the similar incident of Led Zeppelin’s leader, Jimmy Page, who ordered someone to kidnap the 14-yr-old Lori Maddox when she attended his concert. She claimed that she “fell in love” with him “immediately” and had to be locked up, although willingly, so word of their scandalous relationship wouldn’t get out.

The phrase “ignorance is bliss” rings true. I just can’t get myself to enjoy the song as I did the first time I’ve heard it after learning it’s backstory.

3. Angel Haze – Cleaning Out My Closet

Probably the most disturbing song I’ve ever heard.

She was a rapper I’ve discovered from a fellow blogger over here. I got interested in her voice so I’ve searched some songs of her, and her flow reminded me of Eminem’s a lot. I’ve tried to learn more about the rapper, and found out that she recounted some… very personal episodes by a cover she did of Eminem’s “Cleanin’ Out My Closet”.

Throughout the whole song, never had I squirmed so much in my seat, and never had I felt such deep hatred to the people who did this to her. It was so sickening of the stomach when I heard she rapped “bleeding from my butt” part. She has mentioned in a concert that it will be her last time performing this song.

Apparently, her parents were from a “cult” as she said it (“Greater Apostolic Faith”). Everyone lived 10 minutes from each other, they weren’t allowed to speak to anyone outside that, nor allowed to wear jewelry, listen to music, eat certain things, date people… basically you weren’t allowed to do much.

This is by far the “worst” song I’ve ever heard. I can only give props to her for having such courage to face it.


4 thoughts on “Songs That Gives You The Chills

  1. Very intense post. I appreciate you sharing the Angel Haze video. I thought it was important to have a woman’s voice on this post. She sorta therapeutically voiced me through the misery of the other two songs.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Talking about cheating… that Edison Chen pop up in my mind… He didn’t cheat but… yeah…

    Oops scratch above… I was advertising your blog… xD


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