Because I’m Happy~

Gosh am I in a good mood today! I’ve been trying to come out of my shell, bit by bit. It’s not that scary and you just need to find the more “easygoing” or “sociable” people to start with! So, I’ll do a “happy theme song”. πŸ˜›

Le1f – Wut

I’m the emperor, wanna see me in my new clothes? πŸ˜‰

I LOVE everything in this video. I love his smooth, effortless dance moves. I loved it when the girl was “whipping” her hair and stared so “badass” at the camera. I loved it when he sat on his then-current bf’s lap and the Pikachu mask. I love his clothes and fashion sense. I LOVE IT.

Ok, some background info on the artist:

Le1f is an open gay rapper. At first, I didn’t care about it at all (I mean in the sense that I don’t care about who he is but only his music matters)… until I’ve realized, “Oh shit. That means I don’t have to hear lines of “I’m the cashier I change girls” or or “Cause she my honey bee, yeah, buzz buzz, and now I’m itching and scratching, that’s that love bug.” Those are actual Lil Wayne lyrics btw LMAO. Also he studied modern dance in university so that explains his awesomeness in the video. πŸ˜‰

Another tidbit, but after Macklemore released his famous “Thrift Shop” song, Le1f apparently got pissed and said he “copied” “Wut”. I sadly didn’t think of Macklemore’s song when I first listened to Wut so…

Next is Queen’s Another Bites the Dust:

This song is my fucking jam. THAT BASS. Also do people actually not know Queen? I hope I don’t need to do a thorough explanation for the band haha. (IM TIRED grr..!!)

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Tell Me Baby

Ummmm I don’t really like/listen to the band’s music so I don’t think I’m gonna do a show-and-tell for them. Sorry! Californication was alright but I absolutely adore this song. IΒ did mention on my previous blog of RATM that any song with rap in it would be a plus and an (almost) immediate favourite for me. ❀

Ke$ha ft Katy Perry – True Love

Just gonna end it with this video. No explanation needed ahaha. By far my favourite song of hers btw. πŸ™‚


One thought on “Because I’m Happy~

  1. The pikachu mask made him a true “boy toy” symbol in the video… maybe that’s why it didn’t really work out for them… πŸ™‚

    Can’t go wrong with James Brown and Yeay for Freddy Mercury!

    Have a happy day!


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