Have A Dose of Finnish Songs

Today we’ll talk about Finnish band Nightwish and the Vocaloid Hatsune Miku. 🙂


First off, did something happen to the notifications? Because it looks BUTT UGLY!!

*coughs* Aaaanyways, for our first song:

Nightwish Feat. Jonsu – Erämaan Viimeinen

This is the first song that I’ve listened from this band and my FAVOURITE!! Her “squeaky” voice is PERFECT for this song.

Nightwish is a symphonic power metal band from Finland. Although the band is from Finland, most of their songs are in English. The band is also known for changing their female vocalist a lot… and getting bashed for it LOL (and after the new one comes they love the older one and the cycle repeats.) Also, upon further investigation, it seemed like the band was apparently shitty to the former members.

The lead songwriter and keyboardist of the group, Tuomas Holopainen wanted to be a biologist but changed his mind after his school’s foreign exchange partner took him to a Metallica and Guns N’ Roses concert. (Thanks a bunch stranger!)

As you can hear from their songs, the composition’s very “expertly” done, since Tuomas also studied music theory for 12 years at a music college. So basically what I’m saying is, this guy knows his shit yo.

I’m not a mega-fan of them and only heard a bunch of their stuffs so their music (right now at least) don’t “turn me off” as much as it “should”. You’re at liberty to like them if you’ve loved what you’ve heard even if you think they’re douchey – it’s all cool!

Some bonus English songs:

This song is totally “singable”!

I cannot cry, cause the shoulder cries more,
I cannot die, I’m a whore for the cold world
Forgive me, I have but two faces,
One for the world, and one for God save me

Beautifully sang and nice lyrics, though I felt a bit uncomfortable when the rape part came in. Also, how the hell could people hate on Anette Olzon’s voice?

Next, one is “Miku”, a voice humanoid persona from a Vocaloid…

Vocaloid has been very popular for a while now (especially Miku). Of course, there has been a lot of hate for it as well since some people see no point why they’re/she’s worshiped considering they’re just a computer program.

Also, there was a hologram concert for her and Lady Gaga had her in one of her concerts.

Here’s the “original” Loituma’s version of the polka song:

Their version includes an intermezzo of “phonetically inspired gibberish” and only contains few Finnish words. Basically kinda like “scat” in jazz.

And again, feel free to leave a comment about them! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Have A Dose of Finnish Songs

  1. This was totally interesting to me. I have Finnish ancestry and am a quarter Finnish, but I’ve honestly never explored the music… Except for a performance group my friend was a part of I really am new to the old and new music they make. I thought the sound of the vocalist on the second video was kind of like Olivia Newton John (popular in the 70’s) which is really kind of crazy with metal… although because they are orchestra-metal and more like Celtic Thunder which are Irish musicians, it sorta made sense. The first video was better in the squeaky voice and native language I thought.

    I liked your last video best showing Eva’s Polka… that gave me more of a sense of the dialect and rapidness of speech. I liked how it showed what normal people look like and it sounded like It was fun to do in the ensemble. I have some members in my family who are always saying “SISU” which means Finnish Power… so I’m kinda LOL on the Polka power… good thing I like accordion! 🙂

    Thanks for posting these!


  2. The first video’s vocals was from a singer from another Finnish band, Indica. The second video is their second vocalist, Anette. I haven’t been with the band when they weren’t popular in the US yet, but the fans were angry of her and even mailed death threats and stuffs. I guess part of the reason was her voice was polarizing with their first vocalist’s voice (which was described as “powerful”), and when she was replaced, the album was already done but when the music was composed they had Floor’s (the first vocalist’s) voice in mind, so I guess the ending result wasn’t pretty. I still think Anette’s voice is great and not “too pop” despite what they say.

    Haha it was funny because while I was playing the last song, my mom was in the room to change her clothes and she was like “What the HECK is THAT” ahaha. And totally! Polka’s a lot of fun. I’m also interested in learning square-dancing (someday… someday…)

    And glad you enjoyed these! 🙂


  3. You gotta do square dancing yes! It’s fun. I played these videos for my husband yesterday and he liked them all! He thought the guy with the split mustache hanging down was a real badass whenever his playing kicked in! He’d never heard bands from Finland either. He likes Rush the band so the epic story telling was interesting to him.

    I’m totally into Loituma now. Can’t help it… I think I’m feeling my roots! LOL. 🙂

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