Pandora’s Box Leftover – Hope

“Have you ever heard a song so beautiful that it makes you want to cry? I’m that song.”

I’ve never believed such things coming out from the mouth of my narcissistic friend… until I’ve heard this song.


First of all, the song that I’m talking about:
(*Feel free to just listen to this and ignore the rest of the post since I’ll be only sharing one song.)

This song is from Epic Soul Factory, a group of four film music composers that consists of Fran Soto, Cesc Vilà, David de la Morena and Eduardo Jiménez. That’s the only description that I could find from their fb page, so, yay! -unenthusiastic fist pump-

I knew this song from a free VN that I’ve played (and will probably blog about it some time in the future). The game used ESF’s several music and they were great too, but I only wanted to share this one particular song for reasons below.

The first time I’ve heard this in the game, it was used on a scene of one of the girls who realized her crush/love for the male protagonist. Of course, I wasn’t a big fan on the romance and thought the game could do well even with the female casts and the guy being friends, but when the song played, it hit me like a hurricane.

Never had I felt such a strong mix of emotions – I felt happy, a tinge of sadness, comfort… but most of all, I felt “hope”. It was a really weird emotion to get from a song (especially when the feeling was so strong!) Some of Hans Zimmer’s OST had the same feeling, but none of it had such a huge impact like this on me. It was weird how I was suddenly looking forward to the future while listening to the song.

I felt a bit gloomy yesterday and accidentally came across this song again by shuffling the music on my phone. I felt the same thing when I first listened to it.

The world isn’t such a gloomy place. 🙂


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