I just wanna screeeeam

Yesterday, I was on a “karaoke fever” and and felt like singing a bunch of “RAWR!!”-type of songs. System of a Down and Rage Against The Machine comes to mind.


These 2 bands have one thing in common: Their extremely political songs.

First to show my favourite songs of SOAD:

Leaning to play the drums of this song was extremely fun!

I haven’t listened to a lot of their songs, but I was surprised to find out they actually wrote a song about the Tian An Men Massacre, from their song Hypnotize.

This is special to me because,
1) I’m Chinese.
2) This incident has been covered up in China, and you’ll mostly get no results regarding anything about it on the net over there.

The massacre is known as “Six Four Incident” over here in Hong Kong, because it happened in June 4th. People would usually gather around every June 4th in Victoria Park to commemorate those who were killed and you can see people hold banners of this 4 words – “Mou Mong Lok Sei” (Never Forget June 4th). This is also done to encourage Hong Kong residents to fight against the Chinese Communist Party’s dictatorship.

In a way, this is like saying “(We Know and) We Care” to us. 🙂

Next, my favourite songs of RATM:

They say jump you say how high!
Ya brain-dead,
Ya gotta fuckin’ bullet in ya head!

I did mention I like music that has rap incorporated in it.

RATM is mostly known for their leftist political views. GOSH I FEEL SO ASHAMED NOT KNOWING ENOUGH because I’m a bit oblivious to the politics of the U.S. ;_;

What are your thoughts of these bands? Share it down the comment section below!


5 thoughts on “I just wanna screeeeam

  1. I wasn’t familiar with system of a down. I’m glad you shared the band and your personal connection to your picks. I actually saw Rage Against the Machine when I lived in Chicago so that was a surprise to see in your post!

    I posted some Bowie videos on my blog for you if you feel like checking them out… and they will veer entirely away from the roar sound of these bands… but I think you’ll find some political compatibility in some of them.

    That’s very cool you play drums. 🙂


    1. RATM was something that I’ve discovered a bit late in terms of the “golden” rock bands since they weren’t as popular over here than Queen, Metallica, AC/DC etc (to the more knowledgeable music-people at least). And lucky you! The vocalist is very energetic from what I could tell so the concert must have been a blast.

      I’m a bit lazy in terms of playing instruments that I only play those that I could “sit” (piano & drums) LOL!


      1. I think Rage Against the machine kicked the original singer out, though. But those videos are of the time period I saw them with him. Truth be told I wasn’t that into them at the time, but I liked your two picks the best back then, so you chose well. I remember standing still and looking at the mosh pit crowd and thinking they all looked crazy. 🙂

        I love Queen. Freddie Mercury’s voice is/was transcendent.

        Metallica had a historic place in music but I never got too into them. I kind of liked the song Fuel by them, but it’s just about their hard core drug use and addiction/craving so it a bit glorified.

        AC/DC seems like a patriotic American band to me even though the are Australian. They went through two different singers two… I always preferred the current one, but I don’t really listen to them anymore. I was a fan of the album Back in Black.

        Piano and drums lazy? LOL. You’re very busy for a lazy person!!!

        I took Sarangi lessons for a while but I never got very good. It’s so hard to tune it. That’s the east indian violin…by the way. It has the octave range of a piano and part of it can be sort of drummed… and it’s very hard to play. But it’s a gorgeous instrument with a “scandalous” history from a tradition of ancient Ragas.


      2. “I remember standing still and looking at the mosh pit crowd and thinking they all looked crazy.” Ahaha!

        Freddie’s voice is spectacular, that’s all I can say! I’m the same with you on Metallica… I only got into “Nothing Else Matters” because of David Guetta’s violin arrangement… I’m gonna admit that AC/DC turned me off first when I heard them.. the vocalist’s voice in Thunderstruck/Back In Black was very “screechy”, and made my throat felt painful for the guy haha.

        Oh nooo I’m not haha. My piano was given to me by my aunt since I was 3/4 and it has been out of tuned forever even now. Some of the keys don’t even produce a sound anymore, and I got extremely lazy and would refuse to practice for long periods of time. I’ve quit around level 5 actually ahaha. As for drums, I learnt it in school from a special subject. We were given the option of electric guitar and drums and I remember hated the feeling of my fingers on the acoustic guitar I’ve touched once so…

        “Scandalous” history you say… it sounds interesting, I’ll try to search what it’s all about.


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