Introducing Russian pop-rock band – Chi-Li

Chi-Li is not your typical popular Russian group – and here’s why.


*Showing the vocalist’s pic only because I can’t be arsed to find the whole group’s pic lol.

Please listen to this song without watching the clip for a few seconds:

Then look up again.

“HOLY CRAP!!” yeah? That’s Irina Zabiyaka for you, Chi-Li’s vocalist. I have the habit of not watching music videos, so when I was multitasking when my Russian friend sent me this clip, I was shocked to find out it wasn’t a voice from a guy. Irina has one of the deepest contralto voices I’ve heard in a while, and I admit, I was a bit taken aback to her voice so getting used to Chi-Li’s songs took me a while! I’m glad I stuck to it because if not I wouldn’t have found these gems, plus her voice is a fresh contrast to all of the squeaky-high-pitched female pop singers out there!

A bit of background info of them:

How they got the name of their band “Chi-Li” (Russian for “Chile”) was because Irina’s mother didn’t want to tell her her dad died, so she made up a story saying he was a Chilean revolutionary. The young Ira believed the story and was proud of who she believed her father to be, with this influence going onto later see her band named “Chi-li”.

My favourite “slow” song of theirs:

Fave upbeat song:

Her collaborations with Gosha Kutsenko is fucking amazing.

Also, apparently she likes breaking stuffs in here:

And in here:

She looks so weird in black and blonde! 😮

Another slow, catchy emotional song:

One of my favourites of her “recent” stuffs:

I got my sister singing this song along subconsciously/unwillingly HA.

Now dance along with these!

See I TOLD you I had to make a separate blog for them since I listen to their songs so much. 😛

What did you think of her voice? Love it? Hate it? Feel free to comment down below!


4 thoughts on “Introducing Russian pop-rock band – Chi-Li

  1. I played and watched the first video before I read your post and as I stared at her mildly mesmerizing tiny green legs and contrasting orange hair, her voice seemed like it was detached from her and I kept wondering what male vocalist she was reminding me of. So you’re right!

    That’s a cool effect… like I’m watching her have an out of body experience… and it creates a male element when she is sort of silly and overly “stereotypically female” sliding on the floor with her microphone stand. LoL. I like the weird appeal she has. I’m glad you shared this band.


    1. An out of body experience… that’s a nice way to put it haha! Yeah Irina is very girlish (or, rather, “womanly”).

      I shared the first video to my American friend way back and he liked her (but another song of hers). He then jokingly copy/pasted the Russian comments down below via Google translate (which includes people saying stuffs like “fuck this old prostitute!!!” LOL!) It was kinda funny since while I was searching more of her stuffs, I happened to find a video of her having a photoshoot half-naked (though she covered her breasts with her arms).


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