Best of J-Pop – And no, AKB48 ain’t in it #sorrybutnotsorry

This blog will be primarily dedicated to Utada Hikaru. sorry Ayumi Hamasaki


As I’ve mentioned several times on my blog, I detest pop. Ok, detest is a strong word, but it’s a genre I genuinely try to avoid. Everyone can talk about weeks of Katy Perry’s Dark Horse and I wouldn’t have a clue of it until a few weeks/months later.

So, what happens if it’s Japanese pop? Let’s just say that if the English pop scene makes my eyes roll, Japanese pop would induce a haughty look of me while I snort. I’m not trying to bash the genre, but honestly if you want good music in Japan look for metal instead. Maximum the Hormone is excellent.

Moving on, the only J-pop artist that I really like is Utada Hikaru. She has the “vocal pyrotechnics” that most of the pop singers lack (and doesn’t only rely on “squeaky falsetto”), PLUS her songs are catchy as heck.

Lyrics are a bit silly but it’s a good sample of Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence.

Also, who can forget the song she did in Hana Yori Dango?

Bonus songs:

This is a guilty pleasure of mine from hers. Seriously her music videos are weird. as. fuck. dude. Also they’re quite scary, not in the “Saw”-sense kind of scary OF COURSE but like “wtf just happened?” kind that you do not expect to happen with all the “cuteness” in them.

OMG I MUST NOT SSSUCCUMB ASOKJDFAKSJDASD also ending was hilarious ahahaha

In all seriousness, I was surprised to find out that Yasutaka Nakata produced her music. He’s one of the duo of Capsulewho also did a song for Liar Game.

What’s your take on J-pop? Love it? Hate it? Feel free to comment down below!


7 thoughts on “Best of J-Pop – And no, AKB48 ain’t in it #sorrybutnotsorry

  1. Utada is amazing. I love her “Flavor of life”, “First Love”, and “Can you keep a secret”. If you like KPP (yeah her music videos are weird), maybe you could try Perfume? They have the same producer and have similar style, but Perfume is more mature and delicate.


    1. Haha I’ve heard of Perfume before! xP I’ve came upon their music video by chance but hmm, they sounded a bit generic to me. But I do recall the song was a bit catchy, but not catchy enough for me to bookmark obviously. 😛

      Can you recommend some of their best songs? 🙂


      1. Their music style is a bit techno, pretty catchy. I like that they always seem so effortlessly when they dance and sing. I like Night Flight, Laser Beam, Voice, and the new song Cling Cling is not bad. 🙂

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