Oldie But A Goodie

Whoever has thought that out-of-date music aren’t catchy has probably never heard of these guys! They will get your feet moving just as Careless Whisper did to your parents.


***This guy is already 64 years old btw.

^That guy’s Alan Tam, and he played a major role in developing the Cantopop scene in 1980s as he was known for singing romantic ballads with modern arrangements. As of 2013, Alan Tam has launched total 115 solo albums and has sold over 35 million records worldwide, he is also holding the record for having the most concerts in Hong Kong as a solo artist.

I did say from my previous blog about Hong Kong musicians that I don’t like the current… “situation” that’s going on in the music scene, BUT I seriously ADORE the Chinese oldies.

Here’s some of his work:

There’s a music video for it here though the quality is bad and the vocals almost indecipherable.

My favourite after discovering it in the movie Casino Raiders by doing an old-hk-movie-marathon.

Eason Chan did a tribute to the oldies, and released this song:

(***Some people have mentioned the video isn’t available in their country, try clicking here***)

Even though I can’t kill you, kill you, I will try my best to heal you,
Whoever will win, win, win, even the deadliest break up can be savoury~

That song was ‘da bomb’ when it was released and played so much in my high school’s music contest.

Next is a song by Cass Phang that’s in the spin-off of the popular movie series, Young and Dangerous.

It’s used in this scene:

And you can listen to it here:

Portland Street Blues highlights the performance of Taiwanese actress Shu Qi and is the epitome of Sandra Ng-Kwan yu‘s acting. I definitely recommend this movie.

Did you like what you’ve heard? Comment down below and share some of your favourite oldies!


3 thoughts on “Oldie But A Goodie

  1. Yo. I can’t view the fourth video and the last video. It say something about the video is block from my country. I soooo love the second video of alan tam and fifth video.

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