ENUR, Yolanda Be Cool and More

Ms Applesauce brings you the best hits that will surely get you head-bobbin’ and dancing.


***Note: Some of these videos will be slightly NSFW (think Nicki’s “Anaconda”), so, “care”..!!

I’ll just say I REALLY like the yellow-jacket-girls’ dance, gets you GROOVIN’ so much!

ENUR collaborated with Danish rapper Natasja in this 2007 hit. It’s such a pity she died in a car crash, I was hoping to hear more of her rap. 😦

Next is another Danish musician (DJ), Fedde Le Grand.

Fedde is interesting because in the recent years, he intensified his commitment to discovering new talents and bringing them to light (which is something similar to what I’m doing right now, except no one reads my blogs. 😛 ) It’s no easy effort for sure and that kind of commitment can only make me applaud for him!

Also, he played a key role to the careers of talents like Nicky Romero (who is also from Dutch), as you’ve probably heard from his hit:

Next is 2003 summer hit song by Italian DJ Benny Benassi.

I wonder what the guys at my workshop would think if they saw this video…

Last one is, thank god, Safe For Work – “We No Speak Americano”:

Yolanda Be Cool is an Australian band that consists of Sylvester Martinez (aka Andrew Stanley) and Johnson “Durango Slim” Peterson. Gotta support Aussie bands after all!


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