ENUR, Yolanda Be Cool and More

Ms Applesauce brings you the best hits that will surely get you head-bobbin’ and dancing.


***Note: Some of these videos will be slightly NSFW (think Nicki’s “Anaconda”), so, “care”..!!

I’ll just say I REALLY like the yellow-jacket-girls’ dance, gets you GROOVIN’ so much!

ENUR collaborated with Danish rapper Natasja in this 2007 hit. It’s such a pity she died in a car crash, I was hoping to hear more of her rap. ­čśŽ

Next is another Danish musician (DJ), Fedde Le Grand.

Fedde is interesting because in the recent years, he intensified his commitment to discovering new┬átalents and bringing them to light (which is something similar to what I’m doing right now, except no one reads my blogs. ­čśŤ ) It’s no easy effort for sure and that kind of commitment can only make me applaud for him!

Also, he played a key role to the careers of talents like Nicky Romero (who is also from Dutch), as you’ve probably heard from his hit:

Next is 2003 summer hit song by Italian DJ Benny Benassi.

I wonder what the guys at my workshop would think if they saw this video…

Last one is, thank god, Safe For Work – “We No Speak Americano”:

Yolanda Be Cool is an Australian band that consists of┬áSylvester Martinez (aka Andrew Stanley) and Johnson “Durango Slim” Peterson. Gotta support Aussie bands after all!


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