The Best and Worst of Youtube Viral & Music Videos

Pretty self-explanatory title. Let’s start with the worst of ’em.


The Worst Youtube Viral/Music Videos

5. PSY ft Snoop Dogg Lion – Hangover

Song’s terrible but at least the video is SOMEWHAT entertaining.

4. Avril Lavigne – Hello Kitty

Can’t decide what’s more awful – the lyrics or the dubstep in the chorus. You should probably leave the Japanese thing to Gwen, Avril.

3. Gnesa – Wilder

For those of you who wants to know what hell sounds like.

2. IceJJFish – On The Floor

(me talking to my friend who moved away from League)
“So I’ve finally downloaded Smite today.”

Never had I a knee-jerk-reaction from a song EVER.ย 10 seconds was my limit.ย HONESTLY REBECCA BLACK IS NOTHING TO THIS GUY!! Coupled with the cringe-worthy dance moves, that big-breasted girl looks awfully out of place. At least on “Friday” I lasted about a minute to watch that “funny white girl dance”

1. Buck 22 ft Billy Ray Cyrus – Achy Breaky Heart Part II

Dad: Don’t you dare act that way young girl!
Daughter: Dad this is my house I do what I waaaant.
Dad: How would you feel if I made a dubstep song with smoking and lots of ass shakin’?
Daugher: You wouldn’t :O

There was much debate whether this or On The Floor should be number 1, but it was obvious Billy deserves the spot. Should I be glad I was one of the first to discover this song before it got to millions of views?

Grats on surviving hell once, now to reward you with the BEST…

5. Double Take – Hot Problems

Hot girls we have problems too, we’re just like you, except we’re hot!

Is it me or does the girl on the right kinda look like Miley? Anyways, this is one of the instances that “it’s so bad it’s good”. There isn’t a million views on here but from what I’ve been told the video was re-uploaded, so it’s probably more famous than I think.

While their looks are “meh” at best, their tone-deafness/monotonous voices are surprisingly tolerable, and it doesn’t help the beat is actually kinda catchy…. *sulks in a corner* I’ve never believed in “guilty pleasures” till now. D:

4, Mac Lethal – White Kid Raps Fast(???)

There was a time I managed to rap the whole thing on my first try. Ahhh, those were the days…

3. Tahji Thompson – I Need A Pencil

This girl is the bomb. Love how she “naturally” just pulls the paper and point at it while rapping! โค

2. Reggie Watts – F_ck Sh_t Stack

“Where mah gerunds at?”

Probably the best diss song to all the (bad) rap songs ever made. ๐Ÿ™‚

1. Toro Y Moi – Say That

“Yeah film me while I’m up here on this tree.”

“Can’t a guy just chillax?!”

Aaaand the winner goes to Toro Y Moi. This guy knows that there’s more to music videos than shaking booties and showing one’sย swag –ย it’s an opportune use for comedy gold. This guy just wants to be one with nature and stare deeply to your soul, guys.

What’s the worst and best viral/music video you’ve ever seen? Share them down below!


4 thoughts on “The Best and Worst of Youtube Viral & Music Videos

  1. Oh man. I thought Hangover was ok. It wasn’t good nor was it bad to me.The Hello Kitty was pretty interesting. I was not able to avert my eyes away. xD

    As for IceJJFish, HOLY SMACK man…. That dude suck. Can’t believe he made a lot of money from it. That’s bull shit!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hangover is 21st century music mess at its finest along with Hello Kitty, though Hello Kitty’s video weren’t really sexy or interesting.

      And yeah IceJJFish is the only terrible singer that’s made me close a video for less than a minute. :/


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