More French Songs! :)

You know those “confused boner” thing going on around the internet these days? Yeah Malajube does that to you – except it’s a confused eargasm.

malajube 1

Malajube is a Canadian francophone indie rock band formed in Montreal.

Their first song that stood out to me:

This is probably my favourite song of theirs. What’s unique in this song is that in most bands, the vocalist tends to be the one in the lead, while in here, you can hear that the vocals seemed to be the “background” while the guitars and (especially) the drums are the onesĀ parading.

Here’s another example:

It is even more apparent in this video of the vocalist’s hypnotizing vocals, seemingly blending in the background.

These 2 songs down below were prominent “mainstays” on several Quebec radio stations:

Them dicking around in this video reminds me of Toro Y Moi’s Say That

Another gem! šŸ˜€

Their music videos are also fun and quirky, as can be see in Luna,Ā Le MĆ©tronomeĀ andĀ PortĆ© Disparu:

Another instrumental from them:

Enjoy! šŸ™‚


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