Hiroyuki Sawano – The Japanese Hans Zimmer

You betcha. It isn’t a title I’m dishing out to just anyone, and here’s why.


I first came to his works while watching the live adaption of the manga, Team Medical Dragon. I was really happy to find out the manga had a j-drama, with all 3 seasons out no less (since the translations of the manga were slow). It’s a very well done medical manga that focuses on the Batista procedure (the mangaka is a doctor himself so all the tidbits of infos are accurate, I think). Sadly, Akira Nagai, the author, died from cancer. 😦

***As of researching infos of the manga, I’ve just realized a 4th season of the live action was out already this January! OMGOMGOMGOMG *SQUEALS* 😮

Ahem. Anyways, the manga deals with the “sickness” of University Hospitals in Japan and its politics, also contains blood, nudity, harsh language and sex, so if you don’t mind ’em, GO READ IT NOW! -pokes your butt with a pitchfork-

Moving on with the live action, j-dramas have the bad habit of putting non-existent characters and botching up the stories of the mangas/light novels, so when I found out one of the main characters suddenly have a ROMANCE with one of the other characters, all I could do was this:


ESPECIALLY if said female character was supposed to be a “strong-independent-need-no-man” type of gal. Ok. Whatever. But then this song played while they’re doing some badass surgeries:

Dragon Rises

My favourite music from Sawano in the whole series.

this is from a drama series?
you can almost picture the doctors saying:

Damn right it does give you that impression! Sawano’s composition makes any situation look more badass. Srsly. Even though the drama doesn’t follow the story as closely as the manga, seeing them operate the patients in live action and the music, plus the casts’ performance is enough to sway anyone to watch it. WATCH IT..!


A job well done surgeons… a job well done. -pats on the back-

Blue Dragon

Red Dragon

He doesn’t disappoint. At all. 😀 (love the “ahh-ooo-uuu” part btw!)

Tears of the Dragon

It picks up on 1:31.

Also, he’s one of the composer’s of Ao no Exorcist!

Exorcist Concerto Second Movement X

… and Guilty Crown:

… and most importantly, Attack on Titans!

Please look at this scene.

Then please enjoy the following music. 🙂

14 XL-TT

Attack on Titan

Bird in the Cage

Sawano is really a talented composer. I’m glad he got more recognition in AoT, and I hope he works on some big stuff soon!


6 thoughts on “Hiroyuki Sawano – The Japanese Hans Zimmer

  1. I believe Miki played an important role and should have been introduce early on in the drama. I really don’t like how drama changes too many things. xD


    1. Yeah that scene was pretty badass, it was actually that scene that made me go look for the song used on it.

      Anime is really slow, like, turtle-like slow because the manga’s only around 60 chapters out… they should have at least waited for it to have 100 chapters or so before making it, but what’s done’s done.


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