For all the guy lovers out there…

“What happened to you man? I haven’t seen you on League for over a week!” 

“Well my computer got a virus so I had to-“

“I TOLD you not to download those visual novel boy love gam-“

“They’re NOT eroges!!! >o< “


^That’s actually a legit conversation I had with my friend on the skype call when playing League of Legends and discussing my apparent disappearance. 😀 The reason why he got the funny idea of me playing those “BL games” is because when he asked me what anime I was watching before, I proceeded to tell him Dramatical Murder then said,

“Oh, I’ve heard it’s supposed to be a boy-love-VN-turned-ani-”

Heh. Anywho, nuff of that. I want to share all of you, gay or not, the game Coming Out On Top!

I first knew about the game while digging through old threads in the Lemma Soft forums. Back then, it only had the demo. So, I saw “demo only”, then “boy x boy”. I think, “Ok, definitely not 2 of my most favourite things together.” (***Note that as an avid VN player myself, I am NOT one of those girl (VN) gamers out there who are obsessed with yaoi/BL.)

Yes, I don’t like “boy love”. No, I am not homophobic. I believe there are some gay people out there who find “straight people sex” disgusting too, right? Now let’s leave it at that (because that’s not the point, obviously.) Then I saw comedy as the description of the game. Boy am I sold!

I liked what I saw. The screenshots. I love it because it looks “Western”, and also a breath of fresh air with the anime-filled graphics in the games in that forum. Also, I was genuinely curious about the story and tried not to judge a book with its cover, so even though I’m not a fan of BL, I gave the game a shot.

Ms Applesauce was NOT disappointed. At all!

Here is a scene of his female friend, Penny, trying to bring him to the local gay bar after coming out to her and his other guy friend, and when she was in the toilet…



10 minutes in game and I already get this scene. Splendid! 😀

But then, it turns out the guy our protagonist tried to befriend was none other than…


Oh noes! It’s his professor!

Indeed. -shakes head-

Straight to the point Penny!

What is this BLASPHEMY you speak of?!

God this game ahahaha. Am I glad to play this!

Ok, next, him having some chitchat with Ian:

Aww, he misses him already. :3



Uh oh! Looks like some SRS BZNZ!

a! 😀

You don’t have to be in denial, we still love you! ❤

Aww. 😦

Aaaand those are the only screenshots I’ve found lying around my other social media accounts before I had to reboot my computer. The thing I love about this game (other than its comedy) is that it’s just not about the sex and the laughs – it has an actual plot. The characters are very well-polished, and some you may relate to, plus the game has a censored version if you’re not too big on the sex scenes!

So, my verdict of this game?


Also, another VERY important thing that makes this game more badass is that it actually fucking delivered its kickstarter! Sorry about the language, but as a player who is semi-involved with the gaming community (in the rpgmaking and VN community at least), I am sick of “game makers” who starts ridiculous/over-ambitious kickstarters who happen to have their goal FUNDED and yet the game’s become a fcking vaporware. All the money gone. Poof. This makes the road very rocky to other indie game developers who are actually very serious and keen on getting their projects done. Thanks jackasses!

But here we are, a successful kickstarter with a completed game out! And one of the first English BxB dating sim/VN no less! That’s quite an accomplishment, no? 🙂

Now go ahead and buy the game, discount lasts till December 31st!

Other links:

Buy the game here:


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