The Best of Anime Music

I’m more of a manga person than anime (because you will never know about fillers or or ‘faithfulness’ to the manga, IM LOOKING AT YOU NARUTO), but I’ve watched my fair share of anime to share you some of the, imo, best music in animes. The list would be pretty long so expect another one in the future (I’M LOOKIN’ AT YOU NARUTO).


Full Metal Alchemist had some of the best emotional music I’ve ever heard. Even though FMA’s storyline was changed halfway because it couldn’t keep up with the manga, it was still the better anime than FMA Brotherhood, character-wise and theme-wise. As a person who adamantly demands an anime to be faithful to the manga, this is a first and only FMA has managed to make me feel that way. Brotherhood’s characters lacked depth and… didn’t make me feel anything. At all.

Anyways, enough ranting about FMA vs Brotherhood. Have a listen to this non-existent character’s theme, who has the BEST theme in the series imo:

Dante’s Theme

Her whole life was just so sad. This song makes me empathize with her so much… 😦

Next is “Bratja” (“Brother”), Russian song about the protagonist and his brother:

Even though I don’t have much praise for Brotherhood, they did have some very cool songs.

Sukima Switch – Golden Time Lover

The rap is just SO amazing!

Miho Fukuhara – Let It Out

Nocturne of Amestris

Sorrowful Stone

Tbc because it went longer than I thought.

Finally, some Naruto music. I… will not comment on the manga itself. I’ll just say it went downhill after a certain point (and you can feel the mangaka trying to milk more $$$ from the franchise), but it WAS very well written and full of memorable cast – plus the openings, endings AND the soundtrack were very badass.

Tl,dr; you can hate the manga, but you can’t hate on the music! 🙂

Akeboshi – Wind

I was in a… complex period when I started watching the anime. This song really helped me a lot.

Hound Dog – Rocks


Asian Kung Fu Generation – Haruka Kanata

I sang this shit everytime it’d play when I watch the anime. EVERY. TIME.

My FAVOURITE opening in the series(!):

Nobodyknows+ – Hero’s Come Back


Chaba – Parade

The violin is just beautiful.

Neji’s Theme Song

And to end the playlist… -bows-

Naruto Main Theme

There you have it. Next one should be a lot longer….fufufu…. kekekekeke…..



13 thoughts on “The Best of Anime Music

      1. I’ve been playing HotShotGG’s private Ragnarok Online server called ggRO. LOL The grand opening was on last Saturday, so I’ve been trying to leveling my character to 99.


      2. No. If my memories serves me right, then it went on a long fillers arc after they’ve tried to rescue Sasuke. I just got fed up and given up on the anime.


  1. LOL…. I’m like level 97 and 67% in. I’ll be level 99 tomorrow. My guildmate and I were power leveling 14 hours straight with no break……………..


      1. To the the top guild in the server. We actually are the number one guild in the server right now, and we need to get to 99 asap so we can hunt for gears and KILL HotShotGG in the game (WoE), and post it on


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