Int-t-t-rodu-u-Uuu-cinG gggG-gg-lllllli-T-cH-H-ooP

LOL that title’s a mess! 😀

In an effort to be “procrastinating productively” (and to fill in for yesterday’s empty entry!), Ms Applesauce shares to you the hot new thing – Glitch Hop. 🙂

“Glitch” music is basically what you think it is – sounding “glitchy”, “stuttering”-like, or in better words – “aesthetic of failure”. Soooo, Glitch-hop = glitch + hip hop!

I have had the honor of discovering Glitch-hop musician Kraddy while listening to this FANTASTIC soundtrack of LCS (that, along with LoL’s other “log in theme music” was what got me into the game in the first place!)

Now, for our first song that many had probably heard of:

I imagine myself doing some sick dance moves whenever I listen to this track.

This song has the BEST. DROP. EVER.

Also, a SICK remix:

Thankyouthankyouthankyou SO much for getting me into Florence and The Machine!! ❤

Listening to “Operation Prometheus” makes me imagine some kind of cool dramatic apocalyptic movie scene, where people just turn around in slow motion and run away from whatever the hell’s happening. EVERY GODDAMN TIME. I told myself if I ever become a music supervisor, I would definitely use Android Porn + Operation Prometheus. Period.

Next one is The Glitch Mob, a group that Kraddy co-founded, and also, one of the originators of Glitch-Hop.

Again, I was exposed to them at the LCS’s soundtrack. A lot of their songs have “movie feels” in them that is impossible to ignore. Have a taste of the intro:

Listening to Kraddy’s and The Glitch Mob’s songs just makes many scenarios pop up in your head! I can’t say this many times already but their songs would go SO good in movies/tv shows… instead of the classical-heavy orchestra, you have this modern symphony! It would truly be a dream come true if I manage to snag them as a music supervisor for a plebe like me hurhur. x_x

Now let those feels slowly sink in to you and I’ll see you a few days later hehe. >:)


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