Growing Up with These Filipino Songs

I share to you some of the classics of Filipino songs, and some one-hit wonders in our nation.

When one talks about Filipino classics, it’s a must to include Freddie Aguilar. Folk music has a special place in my heart; maybe it’s because of the “purity” of it, or perhaps the “simpleness.”

Freddie Aguilar – Child (Daughter/Son)

An international hit with 27 different languages.

This song accompanied me while I was mostly home alone in my early elementary years when I first moved back in HK. I would just lie on the carpet and kept on replaying the cassette tape until I fell asleep or Shaolin Showdown was on the tv.

Freddie Aguilar – Blind, Mute and Deaf

Of course, things got really awkward when it was leaked he planned on marrying his 16-yr-old girlfriend (Freddie’s 60 btw). It was really harsh to see some Hong Kongers use this to bash us some more (and some filled with racist comments) because of the Manila bus hi-jacking incident.

Next up, is the all-female rock band (expect the lead guitar), Aegis.

Aegis – Drenched in the Rain

I swear to god THIS WAS MY JAM when I was a kid.

I remember this being on everyone’s “videoke” (basically a very thick and small tv screen that plays karaoke, but with very [hilariously] poor videos, usually of women walking slowly on the beach, staring dramatically nowhere with the lyrics on screen).  With lyrics like “heto ako, basang basa sa ulan” (here I am, drenched in the rain), singing this song dramatically was pure fun.

Aegis – Kiss

Aegis – Tears

The powerful voice of the female vocalist impressed me very much. Also, go girl power! \m/  \m/

Next is “Asin” (“Salt”), a Pinoy folk rock band.

Asin – Smoke

Huwag mo sayangin ang panahon (Do not waste your time)

Note that I did not grow up listening to their songs, and the one from above^ was just discovered recently (maybe because I didn’t really had any “access” to their songs…) but they are important in the Filipino music scene as their songs reflected political messages needed for the times even though they did not set out as a political band (as my cousin told me – my uncle’s a HUGE fan of them). Some of their recordings were confiscated, and one of the members got shot in the forehead while in his hometown.

Also, I’m mildly surprised that one of’s songs was based on Asin’s “Balita” (The Apl Song was what also attracted me to the Black Eyed Peas!)

Next up is Salbakuta, filipino rap group.

Pero bakit ang katulad mo, di parin malimut?
(Why is it that people like you, are hard to forget?)

Yeeeah… when I showed this to my (non-Filipino) friends, they found the first guy’s high pitch sound to be funny or couldn’t get past his part… I know Tagalog so I didn’t find his voice to be off-putting. -shrugs- There’s an “English” version to the song if you’re interested (though only the chorus is in English). One of the members, Nasty Mac, died in 2008 from cancer.

Last one is Dice and K9, or “Mobstarr”, another rap group.

This is a one-hit wonder in 2003. Though now that I’ve re-listened it, I didn’t realize the Filipino accents were that obvious…


7 thoughts on “Growing Up with These Filipino Songs

  1. Freddie kinda reminded me a little of John Denver on the song blind mute deaf. Beautiful songs. Too bad about the sixteen year old love interest part. I remember hearing about John Denver being abusive to his wife and so it “tainted” his music in that same kind of way… but men are just weird for the most part. Musicians in particular… lots of entitlement they think they have to women and girls, but all that aside, Freddie’s music is noteworthy. It does sound pure.

    Aegis had just enough raspy sound in her voice on Halik to sound a tiny bit like Janis Joplin in parts. That was totally cool!

    I must find out if my brother has heard Asin… he’s going to love it if he hasn’t already… thanks for sharing this one. It’s so hard to find things he’s not familiar with in some manner… And nice little “rasta” sound running thru it. The guitar is clean. I can see why your uncle grooves on it. 🙂


    1. Several of that 16-yr-old girl’s interviews showed her repeatedly insisting that she’s “really” “in love” with Freddie and not after his fame/wealth… but, idk, these kind of things are REALLY hard to tell unless we are the person themselves. Maybe I’m just naive, maybe I’m just a tad bit optimistic, but I’d prefer to think the good in people first unless they prove so otherwise. Kinda like that case with MJ molesting boys… and then afterwards the one who accused him said they were lying (is that even true? Or was it a “last minute save” to his tainted name? We’ll never know… ofc, I’m more inclined to think Cosby is guilty if you ask me.)

      I… haven’t heard of John Denver, but yes, there are some bands/musicians whose music, when I listen to now, I just can’t help but feel a “bitter taste in my mouth” when I found out they were jerks/crossed the line.


      1. I’m not forgiving of adult men going with teens. Teen girls are not emotionally ready. They should be allowed to grow up and get to know themselves before devoting their lives to servicing a husband and or breeding. It is certainly something more acceptable in “old fashioned” traditions which did not and do not consider females equal. I think this girl is being taken advantage of. Is doesn’t mean Freddie is entirely “bad” but it does indicate the 60 year old is stunted if he can’t relate to mature women. He hasn’t found a friendship. He found someone to boost his ego and make him appear sexual still. A lot of men seem to trophy women rather than get to know them as people.

        I realize Seline Dion was groomed by and eventually married her manager… with enormous age differences but I never found her a “free” person. She was always a bird who sang from her cage.

        I don’t know what happened with Michael Jackson at all… but I never felt comfortable with his self loathing as his physical features changed and he got heavily into pills. Things happen to pill poppers. They get vacant and creepy. So, he made some great music and could dance… changed the world for a little while… and Rest in peace now… is about all that can be said.

        Aside from the personal lives of musicians which never seem to be perfect or “clean” anyhow, Freddie’s music is truly lovely.


      2. I will say that by going from her overzealous tone, she indeed doesn’t have the emotional and/or intellectual capacity to fully understand her actions… but sometimes, even 16 yr olds are more mature than some adults (the boy who started the Occupy Central protests that I mentioned in my previous blog is just 18 himself, and has dabbled in politics years ago as well). And whenever I see people who get disgusted by huge age gap relationships PURELY because they think, in a relationship = must have sex, I just can’t help but facepalm. Maybe it’s actually in the “norm”, but coming from a hetero-romantic asexual, I don’t believe that people aren’t capable of being with someone just because they find them interesting if they’re dating/married (though the latter’s insinuation, is in most cases implied, to have kids.) But then again, I’m just the 1% of the sexual orientation population so what do I know? -shrugs- (My ex once told me that a sexless marriage would made him “go nuts” so it probably *IS* the norm I guess!)

        I’ve heard about the age-difference of Celine and her husband as well, though I didn’t think she was “caged” (I just thought they may have developed some ‘true’ ‘feelings’ while they were working together).

        I’ve always loved his dancing and thought how it went so perfectly with his music. Really tragic about his physical features. 😦


      3. I’m not saying young people aren’t capable of extraordinary things. But sixteen year old girls getting married is archaic no matter any of the exceptions to the rule.

        Celine was in a golden cage as a child and she was groomed. It worked out for them, but it’s not something I’d ever wish for or on any other girls.

        It’s okay if we disagree. I’ve known far too many under aged girls who got raped and I know older men who go with young girls do not care about the intelligence of the girls they use for their comfort and egos.


      4. Well I meant casual dating relationships, not just marriage. I didn’t really liked Celine when that Titanic song was SO overplayed (my sis even sang it to this singing contest once).

        Not trying to be racist but underage girls getting married in Islamic countries… you may have to brace for the worst, that is true. It’s an “innocent until proven guilty” to me in other cases though. I would feel so bad if the person who I thought so negatively all along really doesn’t have any other ulterior motive other than wanting to just be with someone they like. I wonder if old women who do this would be ‘persecuted’ as harshly as men?


      5. Oh I think some older men really do fall in love with young girls as in the case with Celine. This man was captivated by her. So as a talent music scout manager he was able to work with her and groom her and pluck her up when she came of age just enough not to be too scandalous. Celine never knew any other life. Her choices were made for her. Does she love her life and husband? Probably. Do I think this is all creepy? YEPPER!!!!!

        But, culturally as told to me by Filipino-American women I’ve known, is that Filipino women are powerful and do all the work and the men get all the perks. A lot of Filipino women come to teach in America and send their entire paychecks home where the men do not work. And I know there is a strong catholic presence where the church tells the women to serve boys, men and family first and not use birth control. Luckily the current Pope is a progressive and transformative leader… and I think Francis can help many cultures around the world break some of the taboo as well as greed driven practices.

        Yeah, many Islamic countries do treat girls as property and they endure horrible laws that rule in favor of men that aren’t even decent to men. They marry their girls into slavery and legalized rape and hide behind cultural religious excuses.

        Luckily their are courageous girls like Milala. Defying the wrong traditions and seeking the rights to education for all girls. I’m glad she got the nobel peace prize even if the whole world peace thing is a bit arbitrary at this time.

        Thanks for the conversation about all of these things. I think it’s healthy to talk about.

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