More Female Rappers!


How much cooler CAN you get?!

Thank you so much Bling Ring soundtrack. AGAIN.

This girl reminds me of Black Eyed Peas in the Elephunk days… plus she’s energetic and spunky, can rap AND dance to boot! I’m more impressed with her after this “live performance”:

The song has a “studio” version, but… um, ok, well, you can see for yourself, but I personally prefer the former version. And oh, you can watch this version as well as the comments/video is kinda funny… I’ll just quote 2 of the guys; “so much secondhand embarrassment from some of them girls on stage. Who the fuck dances like that?” (AHAHA) and “o. my. gawd… how did rye rye keep a straight face? what a professional she is.”

Next is M.I.A.’s “Paper Planes”:

Some some some I some I murder,
Some, I some I let go~

I’ve re-listened “Bring the Noize“… I thought at first “Hmm, it sounded a lot better than I first listened to it”… then the “de-dem-dem-free-dem-dem” part hit me and I remember why I disliked it. But I am really digging her look! So… here are some pics of the video:


Das some nice do comrade!



The hot pink(?) looks so good on her!

And my favourite of her latest works:

Baby you can have it all, tell me what for?

Last one, a song all too familiar:

I’m not a prostitute but I can give ya what ya want!

Alyson Stoner killed it! And I can’t believe she’s actually just a year older than me when I saw this on MTV! Re-watching this was a great experience… loved the first part when Elliott got “pulled” on the ground. 😀

Though my favourite song of hers is down below, somehow overlooked(?) by a lot of people?

I guess the song impacted me more since I listened to it on my “blue period”…

That’s it for today, phew! Have any favourite female rappers? Share it and the songs down below! 😀


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