Introducing Circular Dice, HK Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Band

This blog is gonna be a bit special as I’m gonna talk about the local music. Anyone who’s lived in HK will be all too familiar with the phrase “the HK music circle is dead”, so after I’ve posted this video of Coaltar of the Deepers a day ago and commented “learn from these guys, hk music circle”, then a day later seeing a friend of a friend shared the following song, I just can’t help but share it too.

Influence of the band include Iron Maiden and Guns N’ Roses.

Circular Dice – Bitter Life

At first, you can hear the “tip-toe”-like sounds. I like it. I like it a lot. It’s very conspicuous and makes me curious to hear more. Then at around 0:08, the drums seems to be a bit… “clunky”(?) and the beat sounds kinda out of sync later (is it the quality of the recording?), but if you pay attention closely, you can hear the bass “teasing” us.

Then you get to hear the vocalist’s smoky voice, and he proceeds to sing about themes revolving the government, and the “people with power are monopolizing”, probably hinting at this atrocious. thing.

The lyrics goes on with “fell into a dilemma again with no help, the disaster continues”, and “the ant is working hard to do labour, yet doesn’t realize it’s being manipulated”. Along with the vocalist’s sexy “aha”s ;), the playful ending reminds me of this video’s ending (around 4:00).

Hong Kong is an economic-centric city and it’s no wonder that the arts are cast aside and anyone who tries to chase the dream will be deemed as silly, or “not good enough” (though, the latter, to a certain degree, rings true). So when someone shared this song with me… I was in total awe. No, really. This is top-notch quality right here.

I may be a bit biased about this, but after listening to this song… HK’s music circle may have a glimmer of hope. Yeah.

So, my verdict of this fresh out of the oven song?


This band is showing a lot of potential; I hope to see you on the big screen and I wish you great success in the coming years.

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6 thoughts on “Introducing Circular Dice, HK Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Band

  1. I have never heard of them before. I was thinking that if you were going to do HK song, it would be one of the four heavenly king. It doesn’t appeal to me as much as your Thai songs.


    1. I am not interested in those so-called kings. They’re boring. This band is new and their recordings aren’t “pro” so they don’t sound too good right now. But that song is good, IF you are familiar with how the quality of musicians are over here…


  2. I listened to the song before clicking on your review and I thought I could hear the Axel vocal influence. Thanks for sharing this one.

    Nice selection by the Coal Tar of The Deepers! The female vocals on “Dead by Dawn” remind me of the band MBV (My Bloody Valentine) a little bit…


    1. Wow good job on recognizing the influence (I haven’t heard much of their songs so I couldn’t tell) but I’m sure the band will be happy with your comment! 😀

      The video of Dead by Dawn with the butcher guy walking back & forth was “meh”, didn’t really like it much, idk, I guess when I see too much “halloweeny” stuffs and fake blood, it reminds me of the awful smell of fake blood and halloween make up…


      1. The good thing is they only refer to the Guns n’ Roses in their song… I actually like this Circular Dice better.

        Yeah, I’m with you on the Coaltar of the Deeper video… Not so good.

        But I did like the sound of the song. They are very tight on their instruments too and with interesting changes. The “demonic” growling singer (I’m forgetting his name) is evidently really shy. He’s not at all like the videos I guess. 🙂

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