T-t-thai songs?! *fake gasps* :o

So some of you might be thinking, “You listen to Thailand songs too? WTF?” Yeah yeah chillax, I swear to god it was just a coincidence!

So I was dicking around on fb and accidentally found this song while accidentally clicking this horrifying video (people were saying it’s the next “Gwiyomi”, so I had to click it :|)

You and Only You??? – Score Sour??? (Skip to 0:22 for song)

If this suave guy doesn’t make you fall in love with this song, YOU HAVE SOME SERIOUS ISSUES DUDE.

To be fair, the chipmunk version’s pretty good actually! And yes, I AM TOTALLY GUSHING OVER THE BACKUP DANCERS AND THEIR DANCE MOVES!!! ❤ I was so hooked of this song I actually got my Thai friend helped me to decipher some of the lyrics! 😀 (…but apparently not enough to get me to translate his name/the songs haha.)

And I guess another reason why I loved this song is it doesn’t sound so…Thai-ish? Not trying to be racist, but they have a lot of ‘ng’ or nasal sounds (which I still have some problems “getting used to” and thus limit me enjoying some other “more” “Thai sounding” soungs), and if you’re not used to the language you’d find the songs not really ‘easy’ to the ears (I honestly thought this song was Korean at first!)

Next up, some more slower-paced songs.

60 Miles – If I Die???

Shy??? – Lions???

That’s pretty much it for Thai songs.



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