I be the I-G-G-Y put ma name in bold!

I decided it’s high time for me to post some “mainstream” English songs, so I’ll just do that now.

***Also I am extremely tired from researching stuffs about the artists of the foreign songs that I listened to T_T

Today I’ll share songs of female rappers, and first up is Iggy Azalea:

There is really not much I can say for Iggy. I know a lot of people are jumping on the hate-wagon on her (is this some kind of new fad???), but I personally applaud her for trying to do what she wants, I mean, we’re taking about a model-turned-rapper here!

I think part of the reason why some people don’t like her is because her voice is kinda “deep”(?), I mean, she’s NOT as deep as Chi-Li’s female vocalistbut still kinda low. Maybe it’s the “quack”-ish sound that sometimes surface when she raps…? Either way, there’s a certain je ne sais quoi to her voice that made me a bit turned off when I first listened to her.

Also, I fucking. hate. “Work”. The cacophony starting at 1:11 was just so messy it was just beyond redeemable. Period.

***The only, only, slight saving grace is the (witty) lyrics:
Valley girls giving blowjobs for Louboutins,
Whatchu call that? Head over heels?

Ok, next up is Azelia Banks, Iggy’s “nemesis”:


Thank you Bling Ring soundtrack. Thank you.

The genius lyricist’s work can be seen in here, now if only she uses her time more on songwriting than picking fights on twitter

Last but not least, Nicki Minaj:

And if I’m fake, I ain’t notice cuz my money ain’t!
Yeah my money’s so tall that my barbie’s gonna climb it!

She fucking killed this song. Nuff said.

Here’s the thing about Nicki. She completely shines in collabs. Her work is too… pop for my taste (as I’ve mentioned before, it’s my least favorite genre). Her own music is pretty mediocre to me if I’m gonna be blunt, except for Pound the Alarm, rap-a-licious Roman’s Revenge, and OH GOD my favorite – Blow Your Mind.

Some of my favourite Nicki verse:

Stop playing, nigga, you know that I’m known for the Barb
Couple hit songs, got you thinking you a hearthrob

Ok, I get it, let me think I guess it’s my turn
I guess it’s time to put this pussy on your sideburns

Way you French kiss it, “Francais parley vous?”
Way you work your tongue can I hire you?

That’s it for female rappers. Part II coming soon as I don’t want the list to be too long. 😛


11 thoughts on “I be the I-G-G-Y put ma name in bold!

  1. Bonjour Ms. Apple Sauce,
    So the scoop on Iggy not being “hailed” is that Forbes Magazine elevated her to Queen of Hip Hop based on sales last year. Being that Hip Hop is “black music” and not white blond aussie music it demeaned the founders and neglected the indie rappers who make the music she mimics. Being that it’s all business Iggy represents a white take over of black music. Not that’s she’s holding the crown. Beyonce is. But she’s too “clean” so working with Nicki who is seen as too “dirty” should be a brilliant business move. Perfect balance. Although the release of their song was under the radar for my ears. I didn’t like it. But then I don’t fawn over Queen Bey. Nicki’s collection is mediocre at times, that’s true, but where she excels she is genius and actually owns the “crown” in my book. She doesn’t just do the lap dance like Iggy, she casts light on all voyeurs and lets them know they can’t touch. The end of Anaconda shows her doing this and leaving the guy in pain. She’s hotter and sexier when she dances and her facial expressions ket the viewer in on her self awareness and or use of sexuality as power. She’s outdoing them all… she just gets the most crap for it. But Nicki is the most honest of them. I could go on and on.

    It’s all subjective.

    I’m gonna check out your videos now! Thanks for sharing them. 🙂



    1. That’s really informative! I didn’t know about that…but, queen…? That’s a bit too much I think. I haven’t really actively searched for her stuffs after ‘Work’ and ‘Pussy’ but I do notice her growing presence in the ‘in’ group (“Booty”, “Change Your Life”, “Black Widow” to name a few); it’s true that you can tell from her it’s “all business”, though I still think it’s silly to bash her for that considering… most of the mainstream artists are literally also just about business. If you happen to have talent along with your twerking music videos, good for you I guess! Though, fact of the matter is, sex sell and it’s about the $$$ (especially in mainstream music industry).

      Nicky and Bey released a song together?! It… totally flew under my radar. D: I really have a bad habit that whenever I listen to a song first, I’d try to find the lyrics video instead of the mv, because I want to know what the singer’s saying (and also, chances are if the lyrics are good but the beat ‘meh’, I’d have a higher % of liking the song if I knew what’s been said). So, when Anaconda came out, I did watch the mv… but after I realized it was a sample of “Baby Got Back” for the first few seconds, I lost interest in listening/watching the whole thing. Usually when I do manage to watch the whole music video of a song, I tend not to overthink it. I remember the ending of the video now that you’ve mentioned it (since someone jokingly said Drake was probably trying his hardest to hide his boner ahaha). Though, since a lot of Minaj’s video are of her dressing scantily clad, twerking and stuffs, I wonder how you got that conclusion in Anaconda? Genuinely curious here, I mean, why can’t it be just her typical twerking music video? (Again, I tend to not overthink stuffs and just see them as “oh, more dancing/choreography again”)


      1. Oh, I’m an actual film student from way back who saw MTV before that, when it was actually music videos, with a brother who has exposed me to the changing music scene since he was 12 and he mastered the old 24 vinyl records for a penny postcard deal. He now works around and writes about music… so when I talk about why Iggy can’t be Queen of Hip Hop just because sex sells and Industry says so, it’s because I was there when they were first break dancing and scratching records… and hip hop and rap isn’t just about being able to “lay down beats” in a rhyme scheme. It’s about culture. So when white entertainers are elevated within it just because of the “meat” factor and a “pretty good voice” the disgrace to the artists of the music is pretty hard to deny. But if you are just looking at it as entertainment and not real art or music, Iggy holds her own.

        I rarely watch videos any more and mostly listen too. And Nicki does have tons of songs I can’t listen to because they sound like crap or are just too foul lyrically for my tastes. But with Nicki and the current sparring you kinda have to see her videos to see the cuts and not just hear them. Because that’s how rap operates. It’s not just that artist. It’s the artist bouncing off of other rival artists and you earn your crown going back and forth. Jazz musicians do it too. It’s called cutting. And it’s where you earn respect for what you do as much as being able to out do your fellow musicians. And then they work together after the fights. And we get fusion or possibilities that create a universal reach no other language can. The history of black music matters and it goes into where hip hop exists now… so that Iggy doesn’t get to just twerk and sell sex to be written about so easily as queen of a whole industry. And that’s why people go off on her. She didn’t earn her chops just ‘cuz Forbes magazine says sex sells.

        Nicki has been earning her chops for years. There are certain videos that caused such controversy and tapped something in culture that will place her above simply twerking. In anaconda she is archetyping loads of stereotypes black women have been placed in. She is enacting the slavery in the jungle to the slavery in the kitchen and in barbie hair while lampooning all the other male and female hip hop artists… as well as madonna and Katy Perry… and she will pause from time to time to confront the camera and sneer or make eyes, to show she’s aware of the B.S. and so you GOTTA pay more attention to the videos, if you wanna understand Nicki. Not all of them, but the good ones. I spot the good ones. I have a knack. Doesn’t mean I go with trends. Means I see where her genius is. And where she gets over looked because people are so distracted by her ass.

        People who don’t want to go that deep, fine. It’s still all there. And in terms of her lyrics it just depends on the song… some are very filled out while others aren’t.

        On the basic level, Music can not be about the money. Money is just the power in being able to control image and get exposure, but it’s not what makes the master. It’s not the cultural story. And “pop culture” isn’t enough. So Iggy is shallow in her “Clueless” movie wannabe wardrobe even if she’s cute… and even if I actually liked that movie. Her expression of her “suffering” isn’t convincing. Her stripper-pole-shows aren’t enough to be called rap. But I get why industry is using her and how it’s well within her rights to take the money and run with it for as long as she can. Maybe she and JLO can keep rubbing ass. But, I think Iggy’s going thru the motions, saying the words, and her work doesn’t MEAN anything.

        Nicki is coming out of being a black woman in America. There’s meaning in her work. In her rage and in her power over her sexuality.

        I saw a lot of bands when I went to Japan… so I know that their degree of industry is actually what the U.S. industry would love to force our artists into as well. This is clear with all of the talent shows like “the voice” producing “stars”. They are manufacturing popularity trends hyped on multiple-owned television and radio stations that co-op and over play tunes so it’s not necessarily good music everyone is really cueing up on, it’s the industry investment. Arbitrary voting… mostly done in Utah. Seriously.

        I track industry… and trends and changes when I can, but I’m not totally immersed in the rap or hip hop to give you more than this amateur response.

        I know there are a lot of people who say I’m taking it all too seriously and how I don’t “get it” for the “spoof” they all do… but when people are trying to determine and own their own histories in order to mobilize collective power, then hip hop has to be a major part of that.

        I don’t know the name of the song Beyonce just did with Nicki as I couldn’t make it thru the video… It wasn’t my cup of tea. But I still think it was a great business decision for both ladies. Aparrently Jay-Z came up with the idea and now he’s pushing the Queen Bey to duet with Taylor Swift. Now I see this move as a travesty and as a total sell out, but then I felt Jay-Z and Beyonce do that for a living… and I realize I’m slagging the royal couple who can do no wrong. That’s how I roll. 🙂

        Um… about Drake hiding a boner… He only covered his mouth, but he was all blue balls. 🙂

        Thanks for the dialogue! I enjoy the “debate”.

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      2. **Nvm, can reply to you here now, just gonna move this from the outer comment section to here

        Do you mean MTV as in the 2000s with Eminem’s “Lose Yourself”? I didn’t paid much “real” attention to music till around…late 07-ish. I agree she isn’t really “queen” just because “statistics”. Unless she decides to up her game much, MUCH more… chances are nil. I don’t know about the history of music (I am actually a joiner-in-training :P), so you could say I’m just a hobbyist/avid music fan, so I probably have a simple-minded view on this… but I think music shouldn’t just belong to certain people, nor deny “outsiders” to make/enjoy it (even if it’s bad/trashy), even if certain people were the “ancestors” of it. Sure, the culture’s there, but if I see a white person doing something “black” (and maybe not so good or being opportunistic about it), I wouldn’t immediately think ” Oh wow, look at this guy who does he think he is” or “-insert said thing- is completely stained for me forever”…. but, the reverse is also true ofc.

        You know, all these talk reminds me of Eminem’s “Without Me” lyrics… “I am the worst thing since Elvis Presley, to do black music so selfishly, and used it to get myself wealthy!” haha

        Hmm I’ve never noticed that jungle thing, it reminded me of Katy Perry’s “Roar” a bit (since it’s also set in a jungle).

        And yeah Iggy’s songs don’t really mean anything, but one would wonder if she’d get more “freedom” if she were black? Or would she be judged the same?

        And oh god I hate hate hate HATE shows like “The Voice” or “American Idol”, and especially “___’s Got Talent” (since 99% of the winners are singers).

        I… can’t imagine a Bey x Tay. Nope.


      3. I’m going to hop topics and not take them in order by what struck me loudest, first, so to speak… I adore Eminem for a lot. His work with Lil’ Wayne was best ever with the “Drop the World”… and they both contend beautifully. But yeah, Elvis is considered the guy who stole black music and who didn’t write any of it. As well as he was always cast in (what are now obviously) racist films, but then that was the industry era, so unavoidable on his part if he wanted a part of it. Although two jewish guys wrote “Ain’t nothing but a hound dog” for Big Mama Thorton and she was black. When Elvis sang it, the whole meaning changed. I like Big Mama Thorton’s version better truth be told. But it’s the only song she sang I actually like that I’ve heard, so… ’nuff said.

        So, that’s totally cool you are a newbie to the music review-blogging. You rock! 🙂 Don’t underestimate your take on things and just do what you do. There’s not a right or wrong. I like history so I delve into it, but you should take any angle you want to. I’m interested in different ideas about music and you help me expand on my own. I don’t care if we agree… although I do agree that no one really gets to monopolize art or music. I just like to be aware of the origins and the use of symbols so they aren’t just ornaments or gratuitous. Not that just having fun, isn’t okay… but I don’t want to lose the culture or language in the recycle, or take over, or interpretation or evolution or fusion of the new works. They don’t have to be always giving credit, but I think people should know what the symbols mean. Like a noose. That’s big in the southern states and from Billie Holiday singing Strange Fruit to Kayne playing out Monster lynchings, the symbols tend to matter… but I also think people should be able to tap into what ever music and art they want and not censor their creative lives. I’m very much interested in all music and the “outsider” doesn’t offend me… I like J-rock after all… so… you know how that goes. But I am sensitive to what the various black communities are bringing up and I find their voices valid. So I stay informed and make my own choices.

        My brother shared some Chinese hip hop with me like, Yin Tsang (“welcome to Beijing” is the song) and it’s fun… so I think it’s entirely okay they are doing their own version of the genre.

        Plus some of the Japanese dancers are too amazing for words, I mean…so well beyond the days of the pop -n’-lock… that they’ve no real barriers to the work they want to do. And Maybe that’s what Iggy has… some kind of tenacity or resilience and her way of treading…

        If Iggy was black… and she had those chops, no worries. She’d be a shu in. Shoe in? I dunno the spelling on that expression… Anyhow, she’d be cool. She’s got some potential still via her support systems, but I don’t know if she’s very smart… So I can’t tell if she’s going to need to rely on the Black eyed peas for help soon, or what. 🙂 Yep, that’s my dig… Stack Mylie Cyrus and Brittany Spears with Iggy and do some kind of weird pillow fight circus show and BAM they’d have millions of viewers and crash the computers!!!! Will.i.am should be working on that. I’m cringing and serious both.

        I can’t stand those Idol talent shows either… they are ruining music and television! 🙂

        In answer to your question about when I saw MTV… I’m saying like in the 80’s when break dancing was brand spanking new. I was in junior high school when Michael Jackson was doing Thriller, if that helps at all. So it was amazing to see the musicians all pre Kurt Cobain MTV concert show…

        I went to the 1995 Grammy’s and sat 11th row… behind Destiny’s Child… when Whitney Huston was there and Koolio ascended like Jesus and Joan Osborne was singing what if God was one of us… and it was hosted by the comedian Ellen. Maybe before she came out as gay…That was a couple of years after I graduated college…

        Anyhow… I can’t imagine Bey and Tay either.

        No matter how much I know about any of this music stuff, (or think I know) you have taught me things I didn’t know, so… I’m pretty happy… just so you know. 🙂

        Thanks again. I’m going to check out your latest HK post soon… I gotta run now, but I’ll be looking forward to it in the near future. Your night is my morning time zone wise. bye!


  2. Oh I love that Azalea Banks song! That’s the one I put on oh soooo many mixes for people but I’d actually never seen the video. Loved her Mickey mouse sweater as she rapped with such profanity. I also like the ‘underproduction” and simplicity of the video allowing Azalea to carry the work without any hype. She shouldn’t have to worry none about Iggy… Iggy is just sugarless bubble gum with the flavor run out compared to Azalea Banks.


    1. (***Whoops, thought you’d reply in the morning haha, was out for dinner so my other replies came out late)

      Yeah her Mickey Mouse shirt is soooo cool haha, and I agree, I loved her silly dancing with the guy! Banks pick fights with lots of people, not just Iggy (I’ve heard she picked one with Lil Kim and even Nicki apparently?!) But anyways, I guess maybe it’s because they’re kinda similar that she has beef with her(?) If you look at “Liquorice” and “1991”, you can notice she’s a fashionista (she mentioned something about her image as well when she was on an interview about Clockenflap) and Iggy… I’ll just say this that I ADORE her wardrobe. More than her music actually. I’m not an ultra fan with either’s beats atm but I am liking their image a lot.

      Ok, so I’m on a tangent and basically have no idea what point I was trying to make LOL


      1. I need to investigate Banks more. But I like what I’ve heard and think she’s so talented. She doesn’t care what I think tho. She’s not so much into the white fan base evidently. But whatever, I like what I’ve related to… I have stayed out of really listening to the cat fights outside of the music. When they do it in context of rap, dance, or video I’m all for it, but the stuff they like to sling when they talk about each other outside of it doesn’t float my boat. I agree they should all concentrate more on the music. I’m thinking they like putting on a good show when they bad mouth each other and it drives tweets. But I know people confused the Iggy “Azelia” with Azalea Banks and started attributing her songs to her at first so it pissed Banks off. That kinda makes sense. Especially when Banks is better lyrically and vocally. Or “deeper”.

        I haven’t been into Li’l Kim so much. Tried some, but failed to connect. I just see lots of bling… and yawn.

        I support your fashion fetish 100 percent. I have one too. 🙂

        Tangent anytime… I think I’m doing the same thing.


  3. Wow on the yikes-o-rama Monster collaboration with Nicki… Um… so all the necrophilia stuff was reminiscent of Vogue or W Magazine spreads… and this one pretty much makes no sense to me. Some of the monster lingerie costumes were complete jokes and others were just horrific lynchings of pretty women which makes me wonder how Bill Cosby is doing with his jello pudding pop sales.

    I honestly almost couldn’t make it thru this one. Nicki’s part was the best, but mostly silly. What are they being silly about nooses for? Maybe they should do a duet and sing “Strange Fruit”. Sheesh.

    Ok, I’ll stop hogging up your comment section! Thanks for allowing me to go “music review” on you. 🙂


    1. I actually found the video to be interesting, especially the part when Kanye is rapping, staring at the camera while trying to fix the dead lady’s head/arm next to him so it’ll look like she’s leaning on him. And I didn’t know a music video of it exist until much later since I couldn’t find it anywhere from YT.

      There were some “ha!” moments of Nicki’s part that’s for sure 😀


      1. It was totally interesting but in that “bludgeon and baby seal” sort of way. But I’m not knocking you. I watch The Walking Dead zombie series like wholesome comfort food so… I dunno.

        But the symbol of the noose… Well, that was pretty risky visual for the black community. So I just can’t go with this… It was glorification for no reason.

        The pretty dead girl is getting over done so… and I’m just not sure what Kayne wants me to get from his controlling their dead limp bodies. These are “nightmares” and “stereotypes” open for artistic expression, but he wasn’t really so deft at the storytelling. He was just flashy. But I’d like to see him do a duet with Marilyn Manson. That’d be way over the top! 🙂


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