Check out these cool songs with the same name!

Ever found a song and thought it sounded just as good as the earlier one you listened to but from different bands? Check out these songs that share the same name!

I remember buying their cassette tape and playing Elephunk in the family’s car. Somehow, things were never the same after Monkey Business

Another from Fergie:

Ok so technically it isn’t the same name buuuut 😛

Kanye West – Runaway

Never was much of a romantic,
I could never take the intimacy,
And I knew it did damage,
Cuz the look in your eyes, is killin’ me

Oh Kanye. 😦 My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was such a fantastic album I was so pissed off he didn’t win album of the year! WHY WAS IT GIVEN TO ADELE WHHHHY 

Another awesome yet different vibe song:

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Runaway

The vocalist is one of the few female singers (whose voice and vocal ability) who I truly admire. Note that I’ve said voice, as I feel even if you can sing, having a nice voice is another thing. It’s like, yes, Christina Aguilera or Adele can sing, but I do not like their voice. (I like some of their songs, just not their voice.) I hope I can get my point straight across without offending anyone. It seemed self-explanatory to me anyways!

Ever heard of songs that are unbelievably good and also share the same name? Post them down below!


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