In Soviet Russia, you don’t listen to songs. Songs listen to you.

Hey guys! Bet you didn’t know I also listen to Russian songs too huh? 😉 I can say for certain that I am pretty knowledgeable about Russian songs (for a foreigner anyways!) so the list would be pretty big! I am not going to cover all of them in one blog since they’re too long so I will make separate blogs for them in the future. So, without further ado, here’s our first song:

MakSim – Odinochka (Loner)

MakSim, formerely known as Maxi-M, is a successful Russian singer with an international following. This is the only song I listen to so her wiki page will have to suffice for now sorry!

Next up is Yolka, a talented Ukrainian Russian language singer.

Yolka – Provans (Provence)

Here is her wiki page, it has way more info than MakSim’s but some of it are incomprehensible as it seems it was written by someone who isn’t an English native speaker.

Last but not least, Zhanne Friske:

Note that she was ‘kinda’ unwillingly suggested by my Russian friend, as he said she “can’t sing” and he only likes that particularly song because of “the beat”, though after some more searching, I’ve managed to snipped this  guilty pleasure:

After giving my friend’s words some thought and upon closer inspection of that music video, I’ve just realized she reminds me of Paris Hilton…(since, you know, there was a time when she had a ‘music’ career hehe) and whadyaknow, from her wiki page it does say Friske is a socialite whew!

Russian is a beautiful language and surprisingly easy for the ears, so look forward to more Russian songs in the future! 😀


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