Noise rock anyone?

What did I just hear? Why are my senses all discombobulated? Did I enjoy this? I don’t even know. WHO AM I!?!

Noise rock is a genre that I practically had no idea it existed until a friend of mine decided to share a song from it.ย I normally don’t actively search for more of the “extreme” genres so when he sent me this song, my mind was blown:

Melt Banana is a Japanese noise rock band that is known for playing extremely fast grindcore styled music and noise music mixed with experimental, electronica and pop-based song structures (yay for wiki copy/paste!).

Now I understand this kind of music isn’t for everyone, and people are especially turned off when they hear the vocalist starts “yapping “, but if you could get past that stage, Melt Banana is a delight to savour.

Some more MB goodies:


8 thoughts on “Noise rock anyone?

  1. Hi, I’m new to your blog. I like what you’re doing with such a wide range of music to exlpore.
    The word “yapping” is what the vocals kinda sound like… I hadn’t “heard” them like that until you used the word.
    Are you familiar with the J-rock band Coaltar of the Deepers? The song “fastest draw” is amazing. It has guttural demonic vocals on one hand and pixie-sprite cutie vocals on the other… definitely an acquired taste.
    I hadn’t encountered Melt Banana before, so I’m really glad you shared these.
    I’m thinking bands like (later) Ministry and Metallica actually influenced a lot of the j-rock and noize rock bands with the whole speed metal thing.

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    1. Thanks! Your comment really means a lot to me!
      Haha yeah, “yapping” is the only word I could describe since it was my first time being exposed to her singing… style.
      And no, I haven’t heard of that band but I am glad you’ve shared that song – the intro was just AMAZING! ๐Ÿ˜€ The “growling” I still do not like much, though surprisingly I have no qualms with the rap-growl in “Zetsubou Billy” (thanks Death Note!)
      Again thanks for stopping, it’s little things like this that motivates me to continue blogging. :]


      1. I read the death note comic series years ago but didn’t see the movie… is that the same death note reference?

        I’m glad you feel motivated to continue. I want you to! ๐Ÿ™‚


      2. Not the movie, but the anime! They actually have heavy metal/rock on their opening and ending theme songs, and I guess, it indirectly influenced me to get used to ‘heavier’ stuff! (since DN is a pretty damn awesome manga..!)


      3. Oh… ok… that I should check out. Thanks for the heads up.

        I’m glad you said Manga and corrected my “comic book” bastardization of the art form. I have friends who know much more about all of this than I do. That’s partly why I was glad to find your blog and learn more from your influences.


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