I’m Applesauce, transferred here by a friend’s recommendation from blogger.com (also because I wanted to expand my audience because the site seemed a bit… silent. :P)

If you’ve read my “about me” section, you can see that I’m interested in music. I pretty much listen to anything (from classical to rap, oldies to rock, yep) so I get pretty psyched when it comes to discussing music. Unfortunately, 95% of the people around me do not listen nor have the same music tastes as me…and I want to change that.

And that’s why I’ve decided to start. this thing.

Instead of being so “passive aggressive” about it (what does that even mean??)

So tl;dr: I’m gonna share some songs and maybe write a “mini review” or w/e comes to mind, or occasionally post reviews of eroges VNs that I’ve enjoyed (IF I can still find some screenshots laying around….)

…..aaaand that’s pretty much it! Hope you guys like the content that I produce and feel free to leave a comment! ^-^


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